Note to Self

Dear Self,

Can we for once try NOT to load new adds or make keybinding changes right before a raid? Or the night before the raid when we KNOW we won’t have time to remember that we did that?



We’re finally trying to get regular raiding nights set up.

And it’s been trying.

But that’s a whole ‘nother incoherent ranting post.

Monday night I had the bright idea to change the keybind on my main nuke for both arcane and fire.

Not a big change, just a little teensy change.

And that little change of course rippled through a few lesser-used spells, but no worries.

Spent some time at the target dummy, ran through both specs a few times and decided it would work for the time being.

I wanted to just relax for a little bit before logging off so I popped over to my reincarnated warrior to kill a few spiders.

Not enough rage.

Need more rage.

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What? I can’t hear you!

Vent was screwy as all hell last night.

And not just the one for my current guild, we hopped into the still running vent for our old guild and had the same problems.

The pally tank/priest could hear me and I could hear him. But no one else seemed to be able to hear him.

I think everyone but the shaman could hear the other priest.

One warrior could hear me, but his mic was broken.

It was absolutely crazy. And we raided like that, in near silence.

Started by getting pulled into a VoA.

We were supposed to start with ToC at 7 server, but a few people were on early enough to try and get through a 10 VoA while we had WG. They pugged in a couple to fill the holes and away we went.

Started with the new guy, Koralon the Flame Watcher.

This fight is horrendously complicated. Continue reading