Yes, this is a total cop out post

So I was up too late and I’m sick and so there is no real content for this post.

Raiding with a fever – kind of trippy.

We keep getting 4/5 in ToGCr.

Anub fucking had a love affair with me last night.

Our first attempts on him, he targets me first, I get BoPped by the pally, Anub bugs out and will not target anyone else.

I had to kite that bastard the entire burrow phase.

I also killed a rogue in the process. Continue reading


Great, WTF, Lame, Fucking Awesome

Tuesdays we are trying to scrape together enough warm bodies to run 25s and then on Thursdays we try to run 2 sets of 10s.

Tuesday we did manage to get the weekly raid done and clear Trial, but did not have the time to take on the new VoA.

Here’s how Thursday went:


It took some finagling and a little patience, but we did manage to scrape together enough people to run concurrent 10-man runs.

Not only that, but we were concurrent in IC-fucking-C.

That’s right, two teams in the Citadel at the same time. Continue reading