And the fields…

of Halaa will run red with blood.

Lyss finally caved to peer pressure and transferred her Alliance druid over to Drak’Tharon.

But she didn’t do the faction transfer!

So a bunch of us met up on Halaa and proceed to slaughter her.

Over 170 times. Continue reading


When last we saw our hero

he was wooing a member of the opposite faction.

For the past couple weeks I haven’t had a chance to talk about what Arioch has been up to what with all the thoughts on raiding, RP, pr0n art, patch notes, and everything else that amused me.

So here’s what’s happened in the past month with Arioch:

Raiding Continue reading

Wait. What?

I was speaking with a guildmate over the weekend and had a spark of conversation that caused me to go through 3 phases: confusion, refreshment, frustration.

The player in question has an elemental shaman.

With a 71 point spec.

We (politely) ganged up on him and convinced him that was inappropriate for any circumstance, but especially not for raids.

Again, we explained the requirement of DBM or some other raid-warning add on.

And then I touched on Recount. Continue reading

Did we just do that?


For reals?

How the fuck did we do that?

We’ll get to that.

I volunteered to DPS in the guild’s non-progression raid since they are short on ranged DPS (and people in general).

We had an OT lined up but it turned out that he had a VERY valid reason for not showing. (And if you read this, you have my condolences.)

My husband has been gearing up a DK to tank in his spare time.

Not a whole lot of experience, he’s tanked a normal UK, OT a Naxx 10, and a chain of normal ToC.

That’s it.

Oh, and his gear is blue (mostly) with hardly any gems or enchants. But he’s def capped! And has about 25k health unbuffed.

He comes in to OT as a rep for the missing OT.

The raid leader and I aren’t expecting a whole lot from the group. Continue reading

Simulated Manatee Sex

See the kinds of things that come up at pirate parties?

I hope you all had a wonderful National Talk Like A Pirate Day, I know I did.

There will be pictures at some point… I have to wait for them to be sent to me.

Brewfest is up and running, but I won’t talk about that until Tuesday or Wednesday as I am not sure which parts of what I did were truly dailies and which were the non-daily holiday quests.

The one really important tip I have so far:

When doing the Coren Direbrew kills make sure that only ONE PERSON talks to him at a time. We lost a summons when 2 of us tried talking.

Got into a 25 VoA Friday night. Continue reading

And Just a Little More…

Where was I?

Oh yeah, busy bee week/weekend!

We put together another 10 man Ulduar after the reset last week with the intention of taking it by storm… and it started out really well.

A Quick Shave 10

We were trying for XT hard mode, could get the heart down without a problem, but we were a little light on heals so had to settle for this:

Must Deconstruct Faster 10

Moved into position to take on the Iron Council and I look around at the group.

So… how are we going to deal with Fusion Punch? We seem to be decidedly light on paladins and priests…

OK, off to Kologarn! Continue reading

Back to Normal

Or at least, what passes for normal around here.

I’ve spent the last whole week waxing philosophical about the leaked changes and then reporting the results from BlizzCon 2009, but I certainly didn’t just sit around picking my nose during that whole time.

I have been one busy little bee. Busy as a whole hive of bees!

First off, I would like to say that this guy sucks:

Wing Commander Mulverick

That’s right, I’ve been out grinding for my Netherwing drakes. This is the second to the last guy available for racing. I can get so close… but then he dives at the pier thing and I lose him. There has to be a way to do it without a pally aura or other speed-boost. People keep saying they’ve done it… I’ll come back and try again when I feel like I don’t have enough pain and suffering in my life. Continue reading