OK in UK

Another tale from the priesty side…

After being neglected for a few weeks, we finally rounded everyone up again for a day of alt fun.

A couple of our group had managed to sneak up to 68 and turned off XP to allow the rest of us to catch up.

We weren’t 68 yet because we weren’t playing without the rest of the group! *ahem*

Anyway, our party was ranging from 66 to 68.

We’ve got the ret pally, the prot pally, the hunter, the shadow priest, and me – the holy priest.

According to the dungeon list, we are all eligible for a good 6-7 of the same dungeons.

Queue up the random dungeon finder so we can get the helpful satchel goodies.

One or more members of the party do not meet the requirements.

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What? I can’t hear you!

Vent was screwy as all hell last night.

And not just the one for my current guild, we hopped into the still running vent for our old guild and had the same problems.

The pally tank/priest could hear me and I could hear him. But no one else seemed to be able to hear him.

I think everyone but the shaman could hear the other priest.

One warrior could hear me, but his mic was broken.

It was absolutely crazy. And we raided like that, in near silence.

Started by getting pulled into a VoA.

We were supposed to start with ToC at 7 server, but a few people were on early enough to try and get through a 10 VoA while we had WG. They pugged in a couple to fill the holes and away we went.

Started with the new guy, Koralon the Flame Watcher.

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Taunt the mob!!!

That was the most commonly said phrase in our two guild heroic runs last night.

And it wasn’t from me.

I was usually screaming through clenched teeth, “Oh my fucking god, how do I fucking have aggro already?”

The hunter once said, “My kitty wishes to levitate,” which I found to be very amusing for some reason.

We did Heroic Violet Hold to start.

The DPS DK ended up off-tanking every group pull.

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