Taunt the mob!!!

That was the most commonly said phrase in our two guild heroic runs last night.

And it wasn’t from me.

I was usually screaming through clenched teeth, “Oh my fucking god, how do I fucking have aggro already?”

The hunter once said, “My kitty wishes to levitate,” which I found to be very amusing for some reason.

We did Heroic Violet Hold to start.

The DPS DK ended up off-tanking every group pull.

First we get the ethereal boss. Continue reading


Level Up!


1000 Hits!

1000 Hits!

Wowee guys! As of today I have 1000 hits and over 100 of them just today!

Thanks again to everyone that comes by and reads my ramblings. Many more thanks to those of you that have linked me in your blog rolls and/or commented.

I now feel like I’m part of a bizarre little family. /cheer

If I’m on your blog roll but haven’t commented on your stuff yet it’s because I’m going through archives. Back to that odd compulsion of mine. Rest assured that I will eventually read them all and become a regular commenter. You have been warned.

Did not get much done last night in terms of productivity.

What I did do was tear apart my UI and make a huge mess as well as change up a couple of keybindings to be a little more PvP-friendly. I will eventually post the final results.

A friend then invited me into a H VH with a DK tank friend of hers that she’s helping get geared.

I warned them that I was breaking in a new UI… had to do an emergency UI reload twice right after we got started because my mouse flipped out while I was trying to drag my cooldown bars over a bit. No one died because of it, so it’s all good.

The mascot pally from the Naxx 25 run the other night was in there; I think there was a completely different person behind the keyboard; it was bizarre. The guy in Naxx was shy and polite, and really didn’t have a clue what was going on. I felt kinda sorry for the little guy.

Last night, he was still in prot gear but at least in ret spec this time… but can’t break 800 DPS still and was complaining about being too broke to get gear but dailies being too boring and only giving 5 gold.

5 gold my ass, I’m getting 10-13 gold for each one. I told him to do the level 80 dailies instead of the level 70 ones. Continue reading