On My Own

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.

So by a string of coincidences, I ended up all by myself this weekend.

Perfect! I thought.

I’ll get caught up on some cleaning and sleep and WoW that work and my back has been interfering with.

Friday night starts off fine, get some cleaning done, log into WoW on Arioch and decide to queue for a random ZA/ZG.

By myself.


There were a couple other DPS in guild attempting to wheedle a tank or healer into queuing with no success so I figured I’ll do a little questing/rep grinding during my 30+ minute queue time. Continue reading


Nothing says “love” like a head on a pike

There’s just something about an over-the-top display of brutality that makes me all gushy on the inside.

I never got to do the attunement to Onyxia. Never got to see her before the nerf.

I’m actually a little sad that everything has been nerfed so hard and/or removed so I can never experience those quest chains or epic battles.

Anyway, a group of 4 of us wandered into Ony’s Lair for shits and giggles.

I’m sure that fight was intense back in the day.

We killed her without breaking a sweat.

“Overkill” comes to mind…

She dropped a bunch of old-school goodies that we joked about. 18 slot bag! No way! And then we rolled for the head. Continue reading