Coming Soon(TM)!

List of adds and where I get them. Maybe even links to posts about how to use or configure them.

14 comments on “Adds

  1. Tyræl says:

    Army mail servers are down so I figure I would send this to you through here and then you could admin delete it. Would it be possible to run an uld 10? I could lead it even if ya want me too. I just really would like to get 1 thing out of there if possible (Aesir’s Edge from XT HM) so I has a better weapon. I have full cleared the place so I know it pretty well. just let me know.


  2. telanarra says:

    isn’t our normal raids tommorow?


  3. telanarra says:

    nah i just wanted to make sure i didn’t some how lose a day


  4. Tyræl says:

    Sent you a complete write up on Trial of the Grand Crusader 10 (including diagrams drawn in Paint lol). Tell me what you think.


  5. Tyræl says:

    Sure I can do that. I will post it up on my blog and set a link to it on the guild forums.


  6. Tyræl says:

    As requested. Check it out and tell me what you guys think.


  7. Tyræl says:

    Can you give me a link to my UI pic from the forums? I would like to post it on my blog for all to see


  8. Tyræl says:

    you could post the OS 3D zerg to our forums if you want ;)


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