Clearcasting is a mage-centric blog. This will probably evolve if I ever get off my ass and level my alts like I always say I will. (Update – lots of trials and tribulations of the priesty sort here as well now.)

Contained within are my ramblings and whinings as I face some of the hardest content World of Warcraft has to offer – running a guild with friends, merging that guild with another, leading that guild, leaving that guild, raiding in my spare time while my job eats away at my life, faction changing, faction changing back, and just generally running amok in Azeroth.

Read the first post for my background and more about me: https://clearcasting.wordpress.com/2009/01/19/why/.

For a glimpse of what I look like: https://clearcasting.wordpress.com/2009/04/18/epic-hair/. This is also the post with the most hits… you aren’t stalking me are you?

Validate my existence and leave a comment!



My main is Aríoch – blood elf mage on Area 52 US PvE.

My alt is Sellwyn – blood elf priest on Area 52 US PvE. He’s my ALT, goddammit!

My gathering bitch is Kaayn – blood elf DK on Area 52 US PvE.

I no longer hold any guild rank higher than Senior Raider and am enjoying the freedom of being a grunt.

Want to drop me a line? suprbrat@gmail.com

Convenient links:

When I get around to it, I’ll list the high-attention post series here.

If you absolutely must contact me and dropping a comment or tweet isn’t good enough: suprbrat at gmail dot com.

7 comments on “About

  1. gnomeaggedon says:

    Hey hey,

    just wondering if you can post full via your feeds setting (it’s one of the options in there somewhere).

    So much easier to read the whole thing in feedreader at work, then swing by the site to leave comments when the inspiration strikes.


  2. gnomeaggedon says:

    Hey Arioch,
    Your feed is still just giving me a summary…

    Settings | Reading Settings | For each article in a feed, show: Full text

    I think that’s what I set for full article in my feeds.


  3. Lasitus says:

    I added your blog to WoW-j, a WoW information index I’m working on.

    You’re listed in the News, General Sites & Blogs (menu) > General WoW Topic Blogs (category)


  4. Thanthan says:

    re: your Play On study post (http://blogs.parc.com/playon/2010/10/26/dungeon-deaths/#comment-334), where did you get your personal death stats listed? be.imba.hu?


  5. Tirael says:

    Go to the armory (www.wowarmory.com if you are a US player), and look under your characters Statistics tab. You should see a tab labeled deaths or something to that nature.


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