Reading my blog and it looks like I’m not reading yours?

Let me know! Drop a comment on this page and I’ll look you up!

All of these pages at least started as WoW-related in some fashion or another. Some have strayed from the path but are still worthy of keeping tabs on.

New and exciting! Check out this massive list of bloggers over at that was compiled from the last round of the Six of Six meme. I have a goal to check out everyone that is listed there… might take me some time!

General WoW/Gaming Blogs


  • Brain Needed Space – When Big Red Kitty hung up his bow from the hunting blog his brain demanded a new outlet for self expression. He’s back in to WoW but also provides recipes that I am almost tempted to try…
  • Gravedust – Used to play WoW but now spends his days creating his own tabletop games, playing MineCraft, drawing awesome characters, and providing excellent random music videos.
  • The Casual Collective – Not a lot of WoW anymore, a few other games and some recipes that are far beyond my cooking skill of -50.
  • The Life of a Vending Machine – Some WoW but mostly ranges across the gaming genre as a whole, talking about the communities more than the mechanics.
  • Fat, Ugly or Slutty? – Collection of some of the most insulting things ever said from one gamer to another. Range from “wow, that’s sad” to “that guy should be on medication for anger issues stemming from mommy and daddy not loving him enough.”


  • I do have a podcast that I was listening to but I’m waaaaay behind and not even sure if they are still producing. I’ll check it out again.




8 comments on “Blogs

  1. Metaneira says:

    I see that Ais and I get hits on our blog from yours all the time — check us out at


  2. bfguitar says:

    I started my own blog.


  3. bfguitar says:

    This is tirael btw


  4. Devv says:

    Very enjoyable posts! I’m not sure how it took me this long to find your blog, but I’m glad I did.


  5. Dorn says:

    Un-retired! Although not really a WoW blog anymore….still REALLY gay though <3


  6. Dragonray says:

    Thanks for plopping me on you list :) greatly appreciated!



  7. sophb2013 says:

    Hi there! Our blog over at Game Content is still pretty small, but we would love a spot on your list here — we blog about WoW (not so much at this time but coming soon !) and a few other games. We’re working on getting some traffic, and I think this will help. Thanks !


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