My First Impression of Trial of the Grand Crusader

That’s right, we were scheduled to run the 10-man version of the Trial of the Grand Crusader.

We have successfully cleared the normal version at least twice as a guild so it was time to step up.

So here’s how it went down:




It didn’t.

We couldn’t get enough people on.

So I don’t know what the Trial of the Grand Crusader is like.

Incoming spew of venom in 5…





My alternate title for this post was, “I JUST FUCKING WANT TO RAID GODAMMIT!!!!!!”

We invite 12 people to our progression raids.

4 of them can serve as tanks, 3 as healers and the rest are DPS.

6 people accepted the invitation on the calendar, the rest never responded.

15 minutes before the raid starts, I’ve grabbed flasks and am hanging out at the tourney grounds.

5 people are on.

Officer chat looks something like this: Healer A can’t make it at all and Healer B will be 30-45 minutes late.

OK, Healer B being late is workable, at least he called someone.

Healer A never responded to the calendar invite.

This raid requires 3 healers.

If we had known earlier that we weren’t going to have a 3rd healer we could have cancelled the raid or scheduled something else. Maybe those Ulduar hard modes we never get to do because there are never enough fucking people on from the progression raid group.

Healer B ended up being over an hour late.

One of the DPS wanders in just past the hour mark and asks if we ever got the raid up and running.

The rest were total no-shows.

But hey, at least we spent a good hour deciding if we should call it or not!

I don’t consider myself hardcore.

I am a casual that takes raiding seriously.

Maybe that makes me hardcore? Or maybe an elitist?

We have 2 raids scheduled for progression a week.

One on Tuesday nights and the second on Sunday.

That’s it.

That’s it, people! Two fucking nights a week!

The people that aren’t showing are the ones that the days and times were set for.

Tuesday nights completely screws one of our tanks and he can’t show at all. So he can ONLY raid with us on Sunday.

And then we don’t raid on Sunday.

His one fucking day and we can’t get 10 fucking people on at the same time that know how to stay out of the fire or who know how to stay out of the fire and are geared enough to stay out of heroic fire. So he’s out for getting a raid in this week. He was there. Where was everyone else?

Showing up to a scheduled raid on time (or at all) isn’t hardcore.

It’s common fucking courtesy.

If you can’t make it, let people know so we can try to plan around it – BEFORE the raid starts.

I’ve realized that I really like to raid, it’s my favorite part of the game aside from being an achievement whore.

All week long I’m looking forward to the next raid.

We raid at an awkward time for me since we have time zone issues, but I get up early on those days so I can get off of work early so I can raid.

Remembering that I have a raid that night is what gets me out of bed on a Tuesday.

Anyone who knows me knows that sleep is one of my favorite things in the whole world. Anything that I let cut into my sleep time must be pretty high up on my list as well.

I make sure that I leave Tuesdays and Sundays open on my calendar so I can meet my commitment to the other 9 people in the raid.

And more often than  not, I end up sitting on my ass doing nothing.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is the best group of guys I could not be raiding with. They’re a real nice bunch and they all say that they want to get some progression raiding done.

But talk is cheap.

I want to fucking raid.

Is it so much to ask that we get 10 out of 12 people logged on, especially when they say they will be there?

Our best players are some of the worst in terms of attendance.

Except the raiders that came over with me. My mage/DK buddy and rogue hubby are there on time for the raids we accept. So the 3 of us are there and waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting.

I’ve suggested that we go from loot council to DKP, if only to get people feeling invested in the raids.

(Not to mention that recruiting people to a loot council guild is nigh impossible.)

Here’s what I think the problem is:

This is a guild made of mostly friends and family.

Who are the people that are the easiest to bail on because you know they will forgive you?

That’s right, friends and family.

But now the guild isn’t all friends and family.

We’re all friendly, but we’re not even on first-name basis with them yet.

We don’t have that obligation to forgive for ditching the raid.

I don’t feel that it’s OK for them to leave me hanging for over an hour. Especially if the raid NEVER happens.

An hour I could have spent pugging a fucking raid or doing badge runs so I can gear my alts or banging my head against the wall or grinding rep or farming a mount or hitting my thumb with a hammer. Time I could have spent doing ANYTHING other than watching the officer chat and waiting to see what the decision is.

I had high hopes for getting my priest leveled to offer some diversity for the guild.

But why bother?

Even if I get up to 80 and get geared and can run the current content, all that will do is mean we’re short a DPS instead of a healer.

Our problem usually isn’t getting the right mix of people, it’s just getting the fucking people.

So another week has gone by that I will not get to see the Trial of the Grand Crusader.

Not unless we somehow pull it out of our asses tonight.

But I doubt it.

I just want to fucking raid.


15 comments on “My First Impression of Trial of the Grand Crusader

  1. Berry says:

    I kinda hate to say this… but maybe its time to switch guilds. You like them, but they aren’t offering respect or consideration. Or, you need to find another guild who regularly needs you to fill out raid spots, and ditch your guild’s raiding. But really, I’d say it is time to go.

    The raid times are awkward, and yet you make them. If the original guild members care so little for raiding and for you that they cannot be bothered, then it is time to call the raids permanently.


  2. jong says:

    lol @ heroic fire

    come on ari’s guildies! show up on time and raid!


  3. Tebla says:

    I am having a very similar problem. Our guild was formed after our old GM disbanded one night after an argument. All went fine for a while and then summer hit. We lost a few to summer vacations and then a few more to burnout and a couple to other guilds that were raiding more than we were. The next thing you knew we weren’t raiding at all. None. For a couple months.

    Our GM left the game for a while and left the guild to our Co-GM. Then the Co-GM left for a while for real life issues and promoted me to Co-GM. Awkward as I had been looking for another guild that would fill me raiding needs. So, I decide to breathe some life into the raid. I schedule some Ulduar 10 and get everyone signed up and away we go. We one shot most of Siege (Ignis took 3 tries as we had some first timers there) and I call it for the next night. Next raid night and I have 10 signed up but only 5 are online.

    Super frustrating. I am contacting other guilds that are not raiding as much. I put a bounty on anyone that can bring in a good healer or two or a couple tanks. I have posted on the forums for recruits and updated out website. No applicants. We are a decent guild and in the top 45 or so on the server. We could be much better if I could get some progression done. But, it seems like it is a pretty wide spread problem. I am running out of ideas. I love the people in the guild; I have been raiding with most of them since I hit 80 and was thrown into Naxx 25 in blues and greens.

    I will give it a few more weeks and hope our Co-GM wants to get back to raiding, but if it doesn’t pick up I will have to step aside and go to a guild that will make my monthly payment worth it.

    TL;DR I feel your pain and wish I didn’t :)


  4. Dark/Soth says:

    I was pretty frustrated the raid didn’t get off the ground. I feel really stuck. I want to play with all you guys from HV, but at the same time, our new situation isn’t working out the way I hoped it would. We only raid one day a week now, and its the day I’m not available. I don’t wanna leave all my friends and join another guild, and I’m really frustrated with the current situation. I’m not sure what to do.


  5. koalabear21 says:

    This is exactly what my guild is going through. Drives me up the wall. Is there some kind of thing going around?



  6. Raven says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that casual raiding guilds simply have a limited life span. The last one I was in was awesome. The people were great and I was really starting to enjoy getting on vent with them. The only problem was that the raids that were suppose to make never did and people had to roll for spots on 10 man (we are a 25man raiding guild, but never can get that last 5 or 6 to show up and pugging was just….*insert expletive here*) I think what it is is that people get into the guild to have fun and raid and than some realize they’d like to put a little more effort into it and some don’t. (like maybe a deterant to not showing up to raids or not clearing gd vent) The ones that do will, unfortunately, begin to filter out and there won’t be enough to continue the casual raiding. Even if their is enough no one will stick to a schedule long enough to get anywhere anyway. They aren’t going to re-rout their lives one bit because WOW is secondary. I’ve been through 3 casual raiding guilds. There are always GOOD people but eventually you want everyone to…I dont’ know…raid? So now we are stepping into a hardcore raiding guild. An ex-room mate of ours that we drew to the darkside is already in there so thats a plus. We’ll see how it goes. (btw..’us/we’ refers to my husband and I…I swear! :p)


  7. Shyste Chris says:

    Well, if you ever find yourself trolling around Blood Furnace, gimme a holler. Our 10 raid’s nightly, and we’re starting to get 25’s rolling next week. I might have room for a few. lol


  8. Zuragorvis/Anvilmar says:

    Face it.. not everyone can schedule MMO’s around RL schedule. I get to raid only if my daughter is in bed on time and if my wife gives her blessing to be abandoned the rest of the night. Your guild needs to recruit more, so that if a few are not there you can still go. People like me understand we are replacements that raid only if the core is unaccounted for. Don’t have hard feelings against them, they likely have people in their life that don’t MMO, and refuse to understand any importance put on “mandatory attendance” or “raid time”


  9. thedoctor says:

    “If anyone has pointers on recruiting I would love to hear them.”

    I think ima make a post about this. Probably tomorrow…fyi =D


  10. Out of curiosity… is this a regular occurance with this night? Or with this raid? I guess what I’m asking… is it because people don’t want to raid hard content and would rather do farm content? Or is it just these days typically don’t make because people have varying schedules?

    Our 10 man group used to run 3 nights or so a week… now it seems more then one night (to clear ToC, VoA, and ony in 2 hrs) is all anyone wants to do. We get maybe one night to do ToGC which is painful. We got beasts down last week and still wiped 7 times before downing them this week. Not to mention working Jarraxxus out.


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  12. […] In Wrath I slipped into more of a Casual. I raid maybe once or twice a week if that. I think Arioch put it best though, “I’m a casual, who takes raiding […]


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