But I don’t need it right now

I’ve been feeling out of sorts for the last week or so, fighting off some insidious bug that has been attacking my immune system from all sides.

To avoid letting the guild in on what a bitch I can be when I’m not feeling well, I’ve devoted a little time to my priest and my warrior.

(Not to mention I’ve got Wonderfulretributionpally bugging me to level so we can tear up Outlands. He’s sitting at the portal and chomping at the bit to have a healbot I think.)

One of the things that I’ve sort of missed on my mage is getting talent points to spend.

Oh sure, I can respec, and do periodically, but it’s not the same as getting a shiny new talent point to spend for the first time.

Spiritual Healing

Just after hitting 54, spending yet another point in Holy because I’m crazy like that.

Spiritual Healing Commentary

Is that sad?

I mean, my HoT is averaging about 1200 over its full course.

My Flash of Light is pushing 1k and my Greater Heal is over 2K.

Now, to an 80, that’s pissant healing.

But take into consideration, I have a little over 3k life and have healed tanks with fewer hit points than me.

If I crit, it’s possible for me to take myself from ZOMGGOINGTODIE to IHADITUNDERCONTROL in one global.

My overheals at this point are retarded.

I don’t have a heal small enough to just “top off” someone.

I can shield them and overheal because of my PW:Shield glyph.

Speaking of which… I’m sure I’ve opened up a new glyph slot by now… I should really look at that…

And speaking of retarded healing in general…

What is up with Lesser Heal and Heal?

A couple levels ago, this is how it broke down:

  • Flash Heal – 217 mana, 1.48 seconds, 664 – 787 healed (base)
  • Lesser Heal – 371 mana, 2.47 seconds, 145 – 169 healed
  • Heal – 371 mana, 2.47 seconds, 749 – 844 healed
  • Greater Heal – 371 mana, 2.47 seconds, 1464 – 1642 healed

For a fast heal, nothing compares to my Flash. (I have a haste enchant on my gloves in case you’re wondering about the funky cast times.)

But let’s see… for my next type of heal I can do Lesser Heal which costs more mana, takes longer to cast AND heals for less! BARGAIN!

Or plain ol’ Heal, which costs more mana, takes longer to cast and heals for MARGINALLY more! The deals are hot tonight!

Or… I can cast Greater Heal for the same cost as the two previous lame-ass spells, with the same casting time, and TWICE the healing power! Lemon Scent, too!

Hmmm… I’ll take what’s behind door number 3 there…

I’ve been up and down the talent trees looking for a “Oh! THAT’S why that spell exists!” talent and I’m coming up empty.

I can get Divine Fury, which will reduce the cast time of Heal. But it also reduces the cast time on Greater Heal. No edge to Heal.

How about Inspiration? That reduces the target’s physical damage received after one of my critical Heals… OR Flash Heal or Greater Heal.

Improved Healing? Reduce mana costs on Lesser Heal and Heal… AND Greater Heal.

Surge of Light makes my next Flash Heal (or Smite) instant and mana free but removes the possibility of a crit.

Holy Concentration gives mana regen in relation to Flash Heal and Greater Heal – bypassing the two red-headed stepchildren in the middle entirely.

Empowered Healing gives bonus healing to the two favored spells again.

And lastly I found Serendipity, which uses Flash Heal to reduce the casting time of Greater Heal.

Lesser Heal and Heal got hosed.

This of course, makes me very nervous.

I use just about every ability I have as a mage, with the exception of the fireball, frostbolt, and frostfire bolt simply because those are the main nukes of other builds.

But here as a healer, I have two healing spells that seem to be useless. Beyond useless.

Surely, they could not have given such an important role 2 out of 4 spells that should be vital to the role and make them utter garbage?

Could they?

Or am I missing something?

Edumacate me, pl0x. kkthxbai.

8 comments on “But I don’t need it right now

  1. James says:

    First of all I have enjoyed your blog for about 2 months thanks to this hell hole in Iraq…On a bonus note I can get to wordpress and blogspot on my work computer so when I’m not busy here at work I enjoy WoW Blogs.

    As for lesser heal and Heal I leveled my priest a long time ago but I believe they were only used the first 10-15 levels after you get flash heal I took them off my bars completely. Nothing saves them even at higher levels.



  2. Hinenuitepo says:

    Awww, sorry about the illness, I’ve been under the weather for the past weeks as well. :( Get better!

    I hate to ask, but did you train the higher levels of those spells? You wouldn’t be the first to have to train those… ;)

    If not, then it’s got to be a spellpower issue and that comes with gear, because those are pretty good spells!

    I’m not the person to help you out, however, as I don’t have a holy priest. The recent circle of healing has given us links to a whole bunch of healing blogs who I’m sure could help you more than I!


  3. serialsone says:

    I agree with James, my priest, when holy doesnt use those and for the exact reasons you stated. I think they are those bastard children in the holy priest arsenal that blizzard has forgotten about.


  4. Tay says:

    Ok I’m going to help you out here Ari. Greater Heal is an upgrade to those heals. They no longer get new spell ranks once you get Greater Heal and are useless after you get it. Heal upgrades lesser heal, at which point lesser heal no longer upgrades and can be removed from your bars as heal is the new spell replacing it, and once you get Greater Heal you can do the same ting to Heal as you did to Lesser Heal.
    It is a wierd system that Blizzard used for priest heals and not many other classes, but easy enough to see which spells to use. Alright I’m running late for class now so later.


  5. D says:

    Yup, you’re not missing anything – those really are useless once you get Flash Heal. It makes no sense that Blizzard has kept those in, but with all of the healing spells you have and will get, you really don’t need two more anyway.


  6. Zarigar says:

    When I leveled my ally priest many moons ago I noticed the same thing and eventually just got rid of Heal and Lesser Heal. I sometimes wondered about those poor, obsolete spells (they have to have a purpose, right?)–but if you can’t make them work then there is no hope for them.


  7. Fricassee says:

    Lesser Heal and Heal stop ranking up when you get Flash Heal (20) and Greater Heal (40). They did have an opportunity to be used back in TBC when you could downrank you spells to save mana, but since Blizz made all the spell cost a percentage of base mana with significant spellpower penalties for using old spells, there truly is no use for these spells once you get the counterparts.


  8. Fish says:

    I honestly think priest have TOO MANY healing abilities. Renew, flash heal, greater heal, prayer of healing, prayer of mending, binding heal, power word shield. Theres a lot there, and I just think it’s too much, too varied, I have decided I prefer healing with my shammy. Less abilities, and well defined what they’re for.


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