That’s right, Shadow Rising is recruiting.

We’re looking to make the jump from 10s to 25s and need a few more warm bodies skilled players to help us make that transition.

We have had a pretty close group of people to make up a core group, but some of them have these “real life” things. I’m not really sure what’s up with this “outside world” they keep talking about but it’s been keeping them pretty busy. So on top of trying to jump to 25s, we want to build a second 10-man group and have a few spares around. =)

If you read my blog then you know what you’re getting yourself into; I haven’t sugar-coated anything.

Here’s the specifics:


Tanks – We have a warrior and DK tank already. A feral or pally tank would be great to round things out. However, we’re all about bringing the player not the class, so if you can tank it, we want to talk to you.

Healers – Currently we have a resto druid and shaman, a disc priest,  and sometimes a holy pally. We would love to get another priest (as ours isn’t terribly interested in 25s), but anyone that keeps the bars green would be welcomed. Getting another holy pally means ours could go ret.

DPS – Somehow we have no consistent raiding warlocks. I’m the only raiding mage (our other mage ends up tanking on his DK). If we can get some more healers we could have a ret pally, otherwise, we have none. Basically, we’re not “heavy” on any class or spec. Well, maybe rogues. We have a whopping 2. Well 3 now.


Our goal is to raid Wednesdays and Thursdays starting at 7:30 PM server (US Central time zone). In reality, since several of us are on West coast time, raids will probably begin closer to 7:45 to allow a buffer for those fighting traffic to get home in time to raid. Those are the days currently slated for our 10-man progression raiding. We have a second raid group that also runs 10s on varying nights of the week, starting at 8 PM server. When we have a few more people (especially a solid tank and healer), we can solidify that schedule.


Ulduar 10 has been cleared up through General V, then we took a break to focus on ToCr. Normal 10-man ToCr has been cleared. Repeatedly. Currently our progression raid is running ToCr/Ony/VoA and working on Uld hard modes and planning our deaths in ToGCr. Our second group is working on Uld 10.

Stalk me on the armory for achievements, I’ve gotten most of them while running in this guild.

What we’re looking for

Players that are pleasant to spend time with. We’re a “mature” guild. (I think that’s the PC term for a guild that is mostly over the age of 25.) We’re not a bunch of fuddy-duddies but we don’t find as much humor in Anal Skill spam as the average inhabitant of trade chat seems to. We don’t tolerate abuse of guild members (except the holy pally, feel free to abuse him) and I will /gkick you myself if I think you’re a douche. If you’re an asshole, we don’t want to raid with you. Not even if you can solo Onyxia.

Gear isn’t really an issue – so long as you are willing to put forth the effort in researching what you need and where it comes from. We will run any heroic (except Old Kingdom, I hate that place and a few are anti-Occulus, but they’re a bunch of pansies) for drops and we’re always putting together daily heroic groups for badges. Within the guild we have at least one member maxed at every crafting profession with a wide variety of patterns to make what you need. If you know what you need, we can help you get there. Emphasis on “help.” We will not carry you to your gear and we expect that this be paid back as new members join that need help.

Obviously, we would love to get people that are excellent and skilled raiders. Since we’re not a cutting-edge guild, we aren’t demanding it and are willing to look for the diamonds in the rough. If you are skilled, great, come on over. If you *want* to be skilled, ask yourself the following:

  • Are you willing to research your class?
  • Can you take advice from other players?
  • Is your skin thick enough that you can take that advice in the middle of combat when we might not have the luxury of saying “please” and it sounds more like a direct order?
  • Can you ‘fess up to a fuck up and endeavor to not do it again?

This is a raiding guild with a social aspect, not a social guild putzing about in raids. (OK, so the hunter might misdirect to the mage once in a while to keep me on my toes.) Directions will never be given in a deliberately insulting manner, but they may not always be given with a spoonful of sugar, either.

If you are a skilled player and have a leader-type personality we are especially interested in hearing from you. Please. I’m always leading raids.

There is a 4-week probation period where we will monitor your attitude and performance. You will be invited to raids as appropriate to your gear/skill level and as party composition allows, but you will not gain full benefits of a raiding member until the probation is over.

What we’re offering

What more could you want other than listening to my wit and charm in guild chat and vent?

We offer a supportive environment for raiding. We have knowledgeable people in just about every class/spec (except warlocks) and are willing to help you reach your potential. We don’t expect that you enter the gates of Ulduar or ToCr already a pro, but it’s our goal to make sure you are when the last boss drops.

We are not hardcore in the time sense of raiding – progression is only scheduled 2 nights a week and other nights are scheduled as we have individuals available to lead them, we aren’t expecting anyone to raid 3+ nights a week. We are hardcore in the attitude sense of raiding. We provide gems, flasks, enchants, etc. because we want our raiders in tip-top shape. This means that we expect you to know your class, know the fights (we provide strategies at the guild site), and be focused for the duration of the raid.

If you are interested, feel free to apply at or look me up in game (Arioch of Drak’Tharon-US PvP).

Oh yeah, I almost forgot:

We haz a cool tabard and a gbank with like 6 tabs and vent!


20 comments on “Recruiting!

  1. telanarra says:

    Yayy go team us.

    “We don’t tolerate abuse of guild members (except the holy pally, feel free to abuse him”

    i should start charging (but not you)


  2. Kaldreth says:

    Aww. If you raided earlier in the week, I might’ve server transferred without a thought. You guys sound exactly like a guild that I’d like to be in, but I have obligations on Thursdays.

    Still trying to switch out cloak, offhand, belt, and trinket, but I still heal ToC 25 no problem and I’ve got ToGC 10 experience on beasts (that dps wall is a major frustration when you can heal everyone through worms burrowing and the first boss is still up.)

    I linked my armory to my name. Good luck finding people and message me if you want to look into arrangements. As it is now, I can’t get to the guild website cause I think wowstead is down. I’ll check it later.


  3. koalabear21 says:

    I wish I could join you guys :(

    I have a warlock and a resto druid, but I cannot leave my guild.

    Plus I would have to faction change AND server change twice to play with you. I don’t want to be a cow druid! :(

    You guys have the kind of guild that I wish my guild was.


  4. Tirael says:

    (Posting this here because I can’t get to your guilds site from work) Hrm…I think this might be the place for my orc DK dps/tank. Between my two toons (Prot Warrior and the above DK) I have the following progression:

    VoA 10/25 (LoL)
    Ony 10/25
    Uld 10 (with several HMs up to Firefighter (never got it but have done the fight to p4))
    Uld 25 to Mimron
    ToC 10/25
    ToGC 4/5 (up to anub with 48 attempts left and got him down to 10% hp_ (sad face)

    All of this in a casual guild. Unfortunately, due to the casual nature of the guild, my DK has to PuG a lot, which is something I don’t like to do if it can be helped. You can look up my toons to confirm all the above stated:

    Paleteal – Female Tauren Warrior (yes, I play a femtaur) – Mal’Ganis

    Tirael – Male Orc Warrior – Mal’Ganis


  5. Jaedia says:

    If only you guys were in the EU! I’d transfer quicker than a .. well.. very quick thing on fire.


  6. Shyste CHris says:

    Ya know….if we could just push back those times by an hour and a half or so, we could have one kick ass 25 =))


  7. Tirael says:

    @Arioch, application submitted.


  8. Tirael says:


    App submitted


  9. telanarra says:

    woot ima perk


  10. Jesse says:

    Yea, I’ll join…..oh wait I can’t. Lemme know when you get an XBOX :)


  11. Tirael says:

    Aww…no reply on my app. I know I sent some jokes in the app for laughs..guess that was wrong of me, but the app was serious. Oh well then, thanks.


  12. Tirael says:

    Hehe. I was messing around Arioch. I know these things take time. I was just dropping in to make sure I wasn’t forgotten. I set up a toon on Drak so I could try to catch one of your people on over the weekend but no one was around.

    As a side note to something I missed the first time I read over this:

    I have lead all the raids I have progressed through. So, I would be willing to help you out with that. I know this isn’t the greatest forum to discuss these matters, but I have no other way of contact with your guild/you. Thanks for your time.


  13. Tirael is knows his stuff and I would say he’d be an asset to any raiding team.


  14. Tirael says:

    I use to be ally…(shun fest incoming). I know Randul from another forum. I have been playing for 3 years so I have a decent amount of knowledge of raiding. Since I was once in a harcore raiding guild (BC kara-BT pre-nerf and WotLK Naxx-4/5 ToGC 10)

    I have studied most classes and how they work in a 10/25 man raid composition. I would also like to think (although I would never say I am the know all end all) that I have a fairly decent amount of knowledge on warrior tanking/dps (since my main is a prot/fury warrior) and Dk tanking/dps (the toon I want to bring in). I had too much free time while deployed to Iraq/being on R&R leave…what can I say.


  15. Tirael says:

    Guild site is labeled “NSFW” by the DoD mega filter of doom. Can’t get past loading screen boss. Got the email and sent a reply.


  16. […] This is an older post, raid times have changed, but what we offer and what we look for in a potential guild member has not: […]


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