For the…

And here’s the last of the “I fucked up and need to L2post” posts.! If you read it the first time, that was a draft, there were a few tweaks.



Night elves?

I consider myself a Horde player.

Yes, I started Alliance. And yes, I enjoyed my night elf characters. (It’s the pointy ears.)

But I didn’t really start to feel involved in the game until I rolled Horde.

Cruising through Org, I pass by all the trolls, orcs, forsaken, tauren, blood elves and it just feels right. Normal, if I can get away with using such a word.

I am surrounded by friends, brothers-in-arms.

In the field I see a fellow member of the Horde under attack from Alliance forces, I help.

Out on the For the Horde! run, I slaughtered the opposing faction leaders with gusto. (Actually, I mostly helped with killing the Alliance players that came to defend their leaders, but you know what I mean.)

I was thrilled with the inclusion of the Horde insignia on my T9 gear. Reveled in the difference between the Horde and Alliance weapons coming out of the Trial of the Crusader.

The red and black flag signifies home for me.

Switch over to my new night elf warrior.

I enjoy playing him, but I don’t have that sense of belonging.

Darnassus is home, but the blue and gold is merely decoration. There is no faction-pride associated with it.

I’m sure when I’m higher level, I will dutifully defend a city I’m in. But I can’t imagine riding out to get a black war bear.

(Except maybe to kill Garrosh after Cataclysm. We’ll see where Blizzard takes this guy.)

I’m not even certain I would come to the aid of an Alliance player being attacked by the Horde unless they asked.

I look around the cities at all the gnomes, dwarves, humans, draenei.

I see strangers.


9 comments on “For the…

  1. telanarra says:

    I agree i log on my nelf hunter and it feels weird.


  2. jong says:

    For the Horde and happy belated thanksgiving!


  3. Tyræl says:

    I played Alliance for 3 years. I switched over to Horde to play with some friends. I logged over once to my old bank alt on my old server (human paladin). I felt lost. lol


  4. Jaedia says:

    Oh man I know the feeling, played Alliance for a while, when I popped back onto my horde.. my BLOOD ELF hunter, I ran through Org and felt much more at home than I ever did in Ironforge. Though luckily played Alliance long enough to not feel like a complete stranger which is nice.


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  6. magicstrudel says:

    I’m Horde for life. My main may be currently human, but I’m just spying. Really.


  7. Jess says:

    Am I your only alliance-factioned, loyal reader?

    Do I need to hide in a corner so I don’t piss anyone off? LOL.


  8. gnomeaggedon says:

    I was Horde half my wow life, Alliance the other. The only time I feel united on the alliance is in BGs and City invasions…

    Even then I only feel unites with 10% of the rest of the players…

    I used to be rabidly Horde, now I am dispassionately Alliance…

    For Gnomeregan!


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