Can’t kill trash, too busy reading lore

We’ve been in ICC quite a few times by now. I think I’m 2k away from revered with the Ashen Verdict and my next pretty ring.

I know that when you start the trash pull at the very beginning there’s all sorts of talk that happens.

Tirion starts yelling crap, Arthas yells back, Fordragon pipes up, all sorts of communication going on but I never get a chance to see it because I’m too busy pwning trash.

So last time I was in there I just started spamming my print screen button in between casts to capture the conversation.

And then I lovingly clipped it down to post here.


So all this begs the question…

Why the hell did we have to fight our way up to the upper reaches when we could have just boarded the damn gunship?


27 comments on “Can’t kill trash, too busy reading lore

  1. dvotee says:

    OMG – Thats so funnnyy…….love your coment at the end and yeah you are so right ;)


  2. Jess says:

    Because it proves we’re real champions worthy of standing along side the previous champions?

    Or because there wasn’t enough room. :P


  3. For The Pie says:

    One word:


    Saurfang wants us to get loot because he’s cool like that. Garrosh on the other hand is a prick.

    Oh and I think Tirion Fordring could run the horde, even if he is a silly human.


    • repgrind says:

      See now .. every once in awhile you say something that makes me love you, Pie.

      I am, without a doubt or an ounce of shame, a Tirion Fordring fangirl. If I were given an option to belong to the Argent Crusade rather than the Horde or Alliance, I wouldn’t have to think twice before signing on. That is one of the reasons my DK wear the Argent Champion title.

      Ari, thank you SO MUCH for posting this. I’ve been meaning to screenshot it myself but hadn’t gotten around to it. Even without being able to read the whole thing when I’m in there, and even in the middle of the aoe-fest, I get shivers up my spine every time Bolvar yells.


  4. Delerius says:

    Notice that High Overlord Saurfang is on Thrall’s side of “let’s get along with the Alliance”

    Unlike Garrosh Hellscream that will push us into open war come Cataclysm…

    And L2Read while healing, it’s easy playing whack-a-mole on trash :-)

    But then, I’ve actually only cleared that trash twice, even though I’ve been in ICC 4 times…


  5. Raven says:


    High Overlord Saurfang? Don’t you kill a Saurfang?


    I was wondering the same thing about the ship…so does the horde initiate the attack on the alliance gunship or are they somehow ‘betrayed’ cause with your lore post here some things are unraveling a bit.


    • Delerius says:

      High Overlord Saurfang had a son, Draenosh Saurfang (known in life as “Saurfang the Younger”). His name means “heart of Draenor” in orcish. High Overlord Saurfang swore to his wife that he would get his son through the Dark Portal alive and untainted.

      Saurfang the Younger was killed by the Lich King at the Wrathgate event, but was later raised as the most powerful death knight ever created.

      After the Gunship event (yes the Alliance attacked first) High Overlord Saurfang comes face to face with Deathbringer Saurfang. He says “my son is dead, I come only to collect his body”

      At which point we hear:



  6. Vulpina says:

    lol, you obviously aren’t on an RP realm, all trash pwning stopped in my raid once we saw that lore was being yelled. we all stood there and listened until it was over.



  7. Orangeslice says:

    o.o there is RP in there, during trash…did not even notice…too busy playing kill the mole.

    If NPCs on our side werent so darn busy trolling one another, ya think they could give us a hand…come on seriously…why are we the only ones running in attacking….where is the freakin backup….an assist…


  8. theerivs says:

    Actions speak louder then words. Kill everything in sight!


    • Orangeslice says:

      Blood for the blood god!!!…..opps wrong MMO.

      And for something off topic…..why do body shop’s have bad taste in music…..gonna have ratt round and round stuck in my head all day….


  9. Tebla says:

    See, I don’t get it. This is the thing that has bothered me about the gunship battle since it came available. In the speech above, there is clearly some agreement between Fordring and Saurfang. And, we have seen that semi-chilled attitude in the whole of To(G)C.

    If there is an agreement that we needed to train our champions through the tourny and then assault the citadel. That the ultimate (or in this case penultimate) villain is the Lich King and that we should work together. Then why are we fighting a gunship for the right to get to the top of the citadel?

    I understand Fordring doesn’t speak for the Allliance, as such. Clearly he is very respected and in a position of trust, staged as he is at the base of the Lich Kings stronghold. Same goes for Saurfang. I just don’t get the battle.

    Don’t get me wrong; I love being in a cannon. It just seems a little contrived to me.


    • Delerius says:

      For the sake of the most epic pve encounter in the game I’m willing to let the lore slide.


    • For the same reason we played chess against Medivh in Karazhan. I agree with Ari… when I first heard that I was confused as to why we couldn’t just fly on the ship with them from the start.

      But then what in this game isn’t contrived? The bosses all chill out in their rooms waiting for us to get there and for the tank to go run up and pull… instead of charging us and destroying everyone the second they come into view. Which would be a pretty cool mechanic for a boss fight… just picture the raid huddled on the edge of a wall while the main tank slowly peeps his head out for a second. He relays some info to the rest of the raid and then does the same thing again… only to have a giant axe decapitate him where he stood.


    • For The Pie says:

      And from the lore, Fordring is the reason Thrall allows the DK to join the Horde. In fact, I have a hard time seeing an orc who follows Thrall to oppose Fordring in his battle plans unless they harmed the Horde. Halkale, my orc hunter, is devoted to Thrall and Cairne as leaders of the Horde. He follows Saurfang and Fordring in that order, after Thrall and Cairne. He has a big time distrust for Garrosh, in fact having a hard time using the Hellscream name. Not that RP is vital to the WOW experience. It would be nice if there was some way, some quest that would allow you to show your loyalties. Halk carries the title of Orgrimmar and wears the Mag’har tabard, to show his allegiance.


    • Tebla says:

      That explains it. I had forgotten the quest for his son. Also, I wish I had read For the Horde before I had rolled up my first toon. I am a huge fan of Thrall and Durotan before him.

      My mage is human and I miss some of the lore from the Horde point of view. Maybe I’ll roll an Orc DK just to see :)


    • For The Pie says:

      When Cat hits, racial and faction change to Orc Mage. Problem solved.

      Even though I am definitely For The Horde! I urge all players to roll up and do all the starting quests for each of the races. Lot’s of great little tidbits in them.


  10. theerivs says:

    Skulls for the skull throne!!!

    Sorry whenever someone says Blood for the Bloodgod, I have to respond.


    • theerivs says:

      That’s from Warhammer btw, and Warhammer 40k.

      In their lore there is a God of Chaos, called Khorne. He is the god of murder, and death who sits upon a throne fashioned from the skulls of all the enemies his worshippers take. His servants scream…

      “Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Skull Throne!”


  11. Orangeslice says:

    God I miss wahammer sometimes…too bad Mythic screwed an awesome franchise.

    too many servers, at time it seems a population imbalance, poor class balancing, no PVE.

    they did get the instances and at T1-3 RVR right imo. T4 was a pain…

    Now if they had skaven in from day one…I would still be playing.


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  13. […] yelling about in Icecrown, but didn’t have chance to stop and read it, you’re in luck, Arioch has come to the rescue. Now you can read lore without worrying about wiping on the […]


  14. […] yelling about in Icecrown, but didn’t have chance to stop and read it, you’re in luck, Arioch has come to the rescue. Now you can read lore without worrying about wiping on the […]


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