Who was fail?

It seems that most people leave a random instance group when they feel that they are the ones doing right and everyone else is fail.

So how about when the group is just fine and the person that leaves looks like a fail?


Halls of Stone, normal. Again.


Me on my DK, a pally tank, priest heals, a hunter, and a DPS warrior.


Since there’s no badges on normal, the healer and tank just want to do the Brann event, kill the last boss and leave. I’m OK with it, I’m just trying to get the last 4-5% of my level so I can go train.

Pulls are good. Everything seems pretty calm.

My aggro is well under control. Not too sure about the warrior’s, but with his damage I doubt it was very high. Didn’t see anything take off after the hunter.

No one seems to be taking a lot of damage. The healer’s mana looks good.

Kind of a pity we’re not taking this group through all the bosses. Would be a smooth run.

Clear the room with Brann in it and someone starts him running.

Either they didn’t know that he’s been working out and hauls ass now or they overestimated our ability to clear the three constructs in the next room before Brann got creamed.

We had two down, but NPCs are dumb and Brann tried to solo the third one.

No problem, I’ll just nip back and pick him up when he respawns.

“nice run guys”

Pally Tank has left the party.


We can only assume his parting words were meant to be served with a heaping side of sarcasm.

Brann was back at his spawn location, all shiny and new.

I escort him back to the event area while we requeue for a tank.

The deserter debuff only has a few seconds left.



Hunter has left the party.

Hmm, they were from the same server. I guess Draka is just full of asshats. (I have run with some nice people from Draka, I won’t hold you all responsible for these two.)

DK Tank has joined the party.

Hunter has joined the party.

Hey, we’re over here, ready to start the event.

DK tank settles into position, start Brann up.

She drops DnD.

Umm… you’ve got like 15 seconds before anything is going to come this way. Bet your CD won’t be up in time.

I’m standing behind the tank, just to her left.

First wave.

You going to target something so I can assist?

Are you going to hit something?

Cast something?




Oh look, there’s a DnD but the mobs are already past it, down the stairs.

The warrior, hunter and I clean up.

Elites they may be, but on normal, they go down in 2-3 shots and don’t hit very hard.

“You have to let me get aggro first”

Sure thing, just target something.

Next wave.

Mobs rush right past her, halfway to Brann… I’m waiting for her to aggro something. To target something. She’s just standing on the stairs like she expects them to come back to her if she /waggles her little draenei ass.

Fuck it, I will not let this get out of control.

Deathgrip the mob 2 steps from Brann.

The warrior, hunter and I clean up.

“What did I just tell you? You have to let me get aggro first”

DK Tank has left the party.


Pop frost, toss a DnD where mobs are actually going to walk over it, DG, pop a cooldown or two and complete the event.


The healer talked a guildmate into tanking the last boss for us and we finished up with no further incident. (Kudos to you for taking the time to do that.)

The first person to leave, the pally tank, was fail for thinking that the group was fail.

Sure, the room probably should have been cleared before Brann was started. Or the tank could have picked up the first mob a little quicker, forcing Brann into combat right there.

But all we lost was the few seconds it took for me to run back and talk to the brand new Brann. No harm, no foul. Not a wipe, not even a death that mattered.

The hunter most likely bailed because he thought we would be in the queue for a tank for a long time. Yes, tanks are hard to come by in the queue. But the dungeon tool seems to do a pretty good job of getting partial groups back on their feet faster than starting up new ones. So I hope he enjoyed his 20+ minute wait for a new dungeon group to form.

The DK tank was just bad. And I don’t like to say that about tanks. I know it’s not the easiest job out there and there is a lot riding on your performance. But if you’re going to demand that players allow you to gain aggro in a timed event, you had better at least TARGET something or put down your AoE in the path the mobs are taking, not the path they have already taken. Standing on the stairs while something is chewing on your healer and more are beelining to the objective you’re defending doesn’t help anything, just makes you look like a prima donna.

I’m looking forward to the 30-minute deserter debuff.

16 comments on “Who was fail?

  1. Delerius says:

    That was one reason I loved being a dk.. you can pop frost on and suddenly be a tank, no matter what your spec. No, you wouldn’t be suddenly raid worthy, but for a lolheroic or a lolregular it works just fine.

    I think I’ve decided what I’m doing after my paladin.


  2. Stop says:

    My experience is, in fact, that Draka is largely full of assholes. I’ve had 1 or 2 good players come out of there, but not many worth talking about.

    — Hey! That means you’re in my battlegroup! :O


  3. Matt says:

    Crap, I am at work right now, so I can’t check my battlegroup servers… But there is 1 server that has provided almost nothing but asshats and morons to my pugs, and i was losing all hope…

    Then I jump in to my daily random one day, see that the tank is from that server, and start to worry. Even with Tricks of the Trade, I have aggro problems with very bad tanks, and I can only Vanish or use Evasion every now and then. Turns out, he was PRO. He was way undergeared, but held aggro like a champ, even suggested using tricks on another dps for a faster run, and he handled it. He left group before I could say anything, so now I have an alt on his server just for chatting with him. I made it clear how much I appreciated his pro-ness, and for restoring my faith in his server. Pro!


  4. Jaedia says:

    Man, I hate groups like that. Can’t quite understand some people.


  5. shystechris says:

    I wish players could receive permanent bans on using the LFG tool…kinda like, the way you can rate players over Xbox live.

    I’ve run into quite a few that, in addition to not having any real common sense, have been blatantly disrespectful, and just downright not fun to play with. These players need to have some sort of reprecussion for being douches.

    Case in point.: Healing H-HoL the other night… 1100 dps BoomChicken asks to wait 3 min before each pull–keeps going OOM, has no drinks =/. Then, dies 3 times from the little whirlwindy guys…after I told him to stay the F back. *sigh*

    You can’t fix Ruh-Tard


  6. koalabear21 says:

    I try to let the people in my groups know when they are doing a great job. I will whisper a tank to thank them when they wait for the healer to get mana and don’t pull rooms at a time. I thank healers who heal my warlock when I have to life tap. I tell the dps they are doing great when they do.

    Since that last one doesn’t happen very often I don’t get to do it much.

    Last night was funny. I was in AN for my random to get my two EoT (cause no, I am not 80 yet >.>) and the fail DK kept asking for a damage meter. I am pulling a little over 1k dps (as a level 73 without heirlooms) and this DK is pulling 460 dps. He is only above the healer. I told him his dps in chat, without linking the meter. He thought he was doing awesome. As a kind of bitch move I linked the meter and said “no, no you arent.” I kind of smoothed it over a tad bit by saying that shit was dying so it didn’t really matter. The kid (I am convinced it was a young kid) decided to say that they did better dps in frost spec while tanking. >.> Yeah I dropped it.


  7. uw says:

    What I dont understand is I have left in middle of fights on purpose to groups that had some really bad douchebagary (constant “you fail scrub crap etc when I was doing fine as heals or tank), I have yet to see a deserter debuff from doing that. I have left a group with 3 people only in it, not in combat and recieve a debuff…not sure exactly how this deserter debuff works.


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