I don’t RP but I do CD

My roots as a tabletop RPG gamer periodically rear up.

*roll saving throw*

I played with a few different groups throughout my high school and college years, only stopping a few years ago (shortly after I started playing WoW) when my last group moved apart.

Personally, my characters have always required some measure of effort to be considered playable. They may not have full names or complete histories, but they have at least a first name and I have some idea on their basic personality.

I’ve played with a guy that named all of his characters “Will.” All of them. Didn’t matter what world we were in or which side we were fighting on, he was Will. He photocopied the character sheet with Will already filled out in the name spot. Will was stoic and steadfast. Studious and reserved. Every single last one of them.

I’ve also played with people that couldn’t be bothered with names until we threatened to start naming his characters. “Undecided” does not count as a name and “TBD” is not a nickname.

And there’s also the ones that plan out the back story for their character, the character’s family, the pet hamster, the neighbor that moved when he was 4, and the neighbor’s hamster.

So I consider myself middle of the road when it comes to Character Development (CD) in tabletop gaming.

The same pen and paper habits permeate my online gaming.

Arioch, Selwyn, and the rest of the brothers all have some backstory. I know how each of them would respond to a given situation. They can have conversations with each other in my head. Not that they really do that… >.>

Now, I have no interest in acting out any of this in game. Typing as a means of rapid communication is rather laborious, particularly when you have to include all your little emotes. Not to mention, I would have to, well, pay attention to other people and react to them, weaving their story in with mine. Bah. My story! Mine! Me, me, me!

I’m still kinda confused how you can kill the same boss over and over on an RP server. Maybe everything is merely a setback?

Anyway, back to the tabletop days of yore, one of the games I participated in was a diceless game based off Roger Zelazny’s The Chronicles of Amber series.

Without dice and not terribly heavy on combat (although drowning in conflict), the game requires a very strong story telling with fully fleshed out characters. To that end, our GM would give us this questionnaire about our characters. It covered such random things like how your character feels about the denizens of the shadow worlds (that would include humans!) to where we got our laundry done (if we did it at all, lolmagic was strong here).

The memory of the exercise floats to the surface of my little brain and I sometimes think that it might be fun to try it again.

Unfortunately, I can’t find the scrap of paper that contains these questions.

Fortunately, other people on the interwebz are just as demented and I stumbled across this: http://z7.invisionfree.com/thenewfc/index.php?showtopic=502

The questionnaire spans 100 questions, but many are subparts to other questions.

So as the mood strikes me, or if I can’t think of anything else to blog about, I’ll be snagging questions from here and posting answers from my various characters.

If you want to post your own response for your characters or run away with this as a blog post, feel free.

Now to come up with a snazzy title for these posts…

And of course, now there’s this 20 days of blogging thing going around so I’ll probably jump on that bandwagon first.

6 comments on “I don’t RP but I do CD

  1. Madbadger says:

    Heh. Naming characters could be fun: As a GM, I once asked a player whether he had a name for his new character yet. He said “Not yet no” and I replied “Notyetno – sounds Russian…” and that became his name. As a player, I ended up with a hireling named “Later” by a similar process 8-).


  2. Devee says:

    The diceless Amber RPG always sounded really interesting to me (although intimidating as well). I keep telling myself I’ll try it sometime.


    • Devee says:

      Thanks for the advice! The series deserves multiple readings anyways!


  3. Jess says:

    Oh goodness! Thank you for posting that questionaire! I’m going to make a copy of it and give it to my two GMs so they can decide to use or not when they start their new campaigns. Makes things so much easier to have a little reference guide for your PC then trying to come up with things on the fly and attempt to remember them! Thank you, Arioch!


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