Actual WoW Update

Taking a quick break from the 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge (which really should be called 20 days of FREE CONTENT IDEAS!!) to insert a post that is actually about WoW.

My guild’s second group has altered our raiding schedule. This is the group that I raid in on my priest and used to be Tuesday and Wednesday. Since we’re regularly doing a 1-night clear, Wednesday ends up being open.

Apparently quite a few people in the group are experiencing excessive lag on Tuesdays so we’ve shortened the schedule to just raiding on Wednesday.

Until we’re ready to go “hardcore into heroics”…

My impending doom aside, we did successfully pull off heroic Morchok in 2 pulls with me solo healing one side. We probably could have gotten it on the first pull but one of my party members was on the other side and the others seemed to not get the whole “be in range of the stomp” thing.

But they got it sorted out and it netted me the heroic Vagaries of Time. Which funny enough, I had just won the normal version a couple weeks before on a “well, if it’s just going to be a shard, I’ll take it” roll. I thought I didn’t have an offhand to go with it, but while snooping through my bank to organize some gems, I ran across a Dragonfire Orb that I had won on a “well, if it’s just going to be a shard, I’ll take it” roll a few weeks before I won the mace. I didn’t have time before the raid to get the normal mace enchanted, so it all worked out.

On a heroic kill high, we worked towards the Taste the Rainbow achievement, missing only one combination. If RNG smiles upon us we’ll get it next week.

We got the Ping Pong Champion achievement.

And then we got really silly and tried Ultraxxion on heroic. We actually have an appropriate make up to spread out the Hour of Twilight soakings and people were *mostly* hitting their buttons. (I fucked up once. I missed the button. Yes, I know it’s huge. As soon as I realized that I had missed it, I started frantically clicking, but my cursor wouldn’t move the 5 pixels to the right needed to activate the button. It’s either a Blizzard conspiracy or a piece of cat hair got in there again.)

Reverted that to normal and finished clearing.

But the best part of the heroic Ultraxxion attempts?

Our raid leader trying to tell the warrior that he was using the wrong cool down.

“You’re using the wrong cool down.”

“I’m using Shield Wall.”

“That’s the wrong one. You need to use something else.”

“It’s that or Shield Block. I’m using Shield Wall.”

“No, no, no. There’s a DPS one.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Rallying Cry?”

“No, the PvP one with all the swords.”

“Retaliation? That does nothing for this.”

“Oh, I don’t have any idea about warrior cool downs.”

3 comments on “Actual WoW Update

  1. Darraxus says:


    I am using Mirror Images.


    Time Warp? You already used Heroism?



  2. Tirael says:

    IF you have no idea about warrior CDs, then you PROBABLY shouldn’t tell people which ones to use. FTR, the warrior tank should use Shield Wall AND Last Stand (or Rallying Cry).


  3. zarigar says:

    Jackie Chan is so frustrated.


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