Well, theerivs over at A High Latency Life tagged me and then thedoctor over at WTFspaghetti tagged me.

I’ve been tag teamed!

No escape for me from the meme, so here’s my take on this looking-back-at-2009-looking-forward-to-2010-meme.

Into the fun!

What did you do in 2009 that you’d never done before?

Raided. When I started, that was a very mystical thing that all the cool kids did. Molten What? Black Wing Who? Karawhere? Nowadays you’ll often find me smashing my face against raid content with my guild, some days more successfully than others. Oh yeah, started a blog.

What was your favorite new place that you visited?

Tough one. There were a lot of “oooh, aaah” moments in Northrend. The Nexus is one of my favorite locations with all the pretty rune work and the dripping water. The stained glass on the way to General V. And it probably sounds a little weird, but I really like the Horde inn, the Filthy Animal, in Dalaran. I want that feast table in my house. Om nom nom roast pig.

What would you like to have in 2010 that you lacked in 2009?

The Headless Horseman’s mount. The phoenix hatchling and mount. Moar stuff. I would really like to get it together and work on some of the achievements and titles that I’m missing. The guild got kind of bored with Uld so I’m left hanging in trying to get my drake and titles.

What was your biggest achievement of the year?

Probably going to have to go with the successful orchestration of merging my original guild with another and then keeping the raid train going. I am the calendar bitch, fear me.

What was your biggest failure.

I still haven’t killed Yogg, FFS.

What did you get really, really, really excited about?

ARCANE BUFFS! Also, getting a full set of tier 7 was really awesome for me – it was my first tier set and made me feel like I had accomplished something.

What do you wish you had done less of?

Hounding people to sign up for raids. Not that I don’t want people to raid, I just don’t want to have to spend so much time getting people to do something that they say they want to do. Otherwise, I try to do the things that I want to do in the game. I regret none of the time I have spent grinding for rep or items or beating my head on the desk after wiping on raid bosses.

What was your favorite WoW blog or podcast?

ZOMG you cannot seriously expect me to play favorites here, can you? Just go through my blog link list (although I’m missing a few up there, damn I’m lazy). /sigh

If I have to pick just one, it would be CriticalQQ. Rip was probably the largest influence in my decision to start blogging and to this day I take his mage advice as gospel truth. Mostly because he’s better at math or at least patient enough to figure it all out.

For podcasts, I listen to Inside Azeroth. Although I’m a couple weeks behind, eek.

Tell us a valuable WoW lesson you learned in 2009?

Koralon never drops my pants. And play what suits you. I tried fire because it was the new hot thing (hur hur) and I was miserable. Returning to arcane was the best decision I could have made for my play enjoyment and performance.

And now we come to the point where I get to pass this on like a venereal disease.

Tyræl over at 1337BOHICA needs to pick this up. Two meme posts in a row, do it!

I can’t remember if Raven from Zarii and Me has been tagged or not and she was soooo appreciative the last time I tagged her.

And we’ll toss a new one on the fire, magicstrudel from… The Magic Strudel.

Something new! If you don’t have a blog of your very own but would like to participate in the meme, drop a comment saying as much and we’ll talk about a guest meme post.

45 comments on “Memememe

  1. scidrew says:

    Ha ha! Wow your funny. I like your idea, It to me was better then your other blog and i’m going to say I think it’s funnier and better then my blog. Also how do you come up with lot’s of blogs like that? that’s crazy man. Like the idea love the blog, keep on the good work


  2. scidrew says:

    oh yeah how do you make your face (above) turn in different directions, because I thought that was pretty neat.


  3. Frostsmoke says:

    That’s funny–I check your blog and Critical QQ first just about every day. I am entertained by both of your styles, experiences, etc. The blend of QQ and play strategy is great on both sites. On a side note–we downed Deathbringer on 10 last night and finished off the wing. Even with all the movies showing 1 tank–we used 2 tanks after a truckload of wipes, and 2 shotted him. :)


  4. theerivs says:

    Koralon always drops my pants….oh wait you meant the loot.


  5. scidrew says:

    are you a druid in World of Warcraft or an archer?


  6. scidrew says:

    i’m home schooled so I can take brakes.


    • magicstrudel says:

      I think you’ll find you actually belong in the “homeschooler” category, not “homeschooled”

      Please quit giving a perfectly fine group of people a horrible reputation.

      And quit being stupid. Please. I seriously hope you’re just trolling.


    • scidrew says:

      hey u just mind your business just because I’m homeschooled doesn’t mean i’m stupid. Lot’s of stupid kids go to public school and they smoke, have sex and all those stupid stuff. Don’t homeschoooled people deserve to be enjoyed. Maybe you may have not noticed. But I have fine grades, proper school work and enjoyment. The reason I go no the computer to here is because this is the only think I’m allowed to go to everyday. Also Arioch the reason I brought up Wow making u pay money is because my parents can’t afford much every month.


    • magicstrudel says:

      I am not calling you stupid because you are a homeschooler. I myself was homeschooled, and I understand the benefits.

      I am calling you stupid for your lack of manners, your off-topic intrusions into another person’s blog, and your lack of grammar and spelling skills.

      I hate to be rude but all I can really say is: “QQ MOAR”


  7. scidrew says:

    ok i’ll check the about


  8. theerivs says:

    @scidrew Whoever is homeschooling you should take less “brakes” and actually school you. They are called “breaks”. I just hope that english is not your first language, cause I want to punch who ever is failing you if it is.


  9. Jaedia says:

    Ohhh I just remember the first time I saw the Nexus! It was so beautiful, and I think I’d had about 3 hours sleep xD

    On a sidenote, he’s 10. And probably brainwashed by religion. Can’t blame the kid..


  10. scidrew says:

    Hey thanks for the advice theerivs. But i’m learning geometry, physics, science, also i’m reading William shake spears the complete edition.


  11. scidrew says:

    And it’s just my computer that’s incorrect. It keeps messing up. Also how do you know i’m ten Jaedia? Have you been on my blog?


  12. scidrew says:

    Sure man it’s your blog.I’m fine with it.


  13. scidrew says:

    But I don’t know how to remove it.


  14. Jaedia says:

    Stop posting is a good start


  15. scidrew says:

    Hey thanks for the advice


  16. scidrew says:

    Hey Arioch can u do me a favor?


  17. scidrew says:

    I have a friend named Amber, nobody has been coming to his blog and I wanted to know if you can check the site out our comment to him.

    Please! It would help allot.


  18. scidrew says:

    Well u may not enjoy it but it would it would help.


  19. scidrew says:

    oh yeah and remove the video. It’s cool with me.


    • magicstrudel says:

      Arioch, you are a far more patient mage than I. Were it me, this kid would have been gone a long time ago. Perhaps you do in fact have some inkling of a mothering instinct? :-P


    • magicstrudel says:

      My theories are these:

      1) He’s just a robot. They’ve finally created a computer program that can be funny and annoying and spammy on a wordpress blog.

      2) He’s really just a little kid who doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing.

      3) He’s some reader of your blog who decided to troll.

      4) He’s your inner alter ego trying to boost your numbers ;-)


    • telanarra says:

      I think it’s neither 1,2,3, or 4. I think its some poor schlub who made a blog pretending to be a 10 yr old. and stumbled across this blog somehow

      or if its #2 I wish i knew him in real life so i could smack his parents upside the head for not controlling what there kid does on the internet


  20. scidrew says:

    Ok I get it I won’t speak of any other blog that isn’t about wow


    • telanarra says:

      No you don’t get it at all. If your going to comment on a wow-centric blog you should put forth a modicrim of effort to make sure your comments related to the post or the game.


  21. scidrew says:

    Hey I made a bad choice, yep you were right i’m just a ten year old I can’t go to a blog that I don’t have interest in.

    I only came to you’re blog because I thought you did a good job on the blog. I’m fine with the blog, but it wouldn’t be right if I was going on a blog that’s writing about something I don’t like.

    How about you decide when I can come, it’s your blog. This blog has no interest in me. So you decide Arioch of how I should talk on your blog. You’re the boss of this blog so this going to be my last comment to you.

    Also, I wasn’t created as a robot I was created as human.
    Chears, WoW


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