And the good times keep coming

Yesterday I posted some of the published PTR notes.

More stuff came out almost immediately after, I <3 MMO Champion.

Here’s the things that caught my eyes:

1 – Gnomes take back Gnomeregan!

Does this mean that the instance will be removed? That would make the achievement for having run it a feat of strength. Or will it be a Caverns of Time sort of thing? Or maybe the related troll event is to capture Gnomeregan as well. We will steal it! And then destroy it because it’s way too cramped for anyone of a decent size to be walking around in.

Actually, it looks like the Horde re-take the Echo Isles. For information on both, check out the MMO-Champ post from last night.


It will be mine, all mine.

3 – Anduin all grown up?

Bit of a Prince Charming sort of figure. A little too… Disney for my tastes. Even Varian has better hair.

But here’s the real question… will he be killable in patch 3.3.3?

Currently, the child Anduin is not an NPC that can be killed. Seems Blizzard has something against us slaughtering the children. We can dismember his father in front of him. We can drag orphans through battlegrounds and force them to watch us massacre each other in unspeakable ways. But the kiddies themselves are untouchable. And you know you all want to kill that damn kid that stole the dolly.

Note that the Jerk of SW is flagged for PvP but the tyke isn't

An adult model indicates the potential for much death in his future. For the Horde!

4 – Not actually in patch 3.3.3, but a mention of the Ruby Sanctum!

Sounds like a lot of prep work being done for the Cataclysm story line. And there’s just something enjoyable about killing dragons gone bad. Not to mention, these short raids are awesome warm ups.

5 – Random battlegrounds!

I am so getting back into the battlegrounds. I think part of the reason I stopped playing them is I never knew which one I should queue for. If I was bored of the extra honor one, the wait times on the others were usually bad. I guess I just like random stuff!

6 – Frost Orbs given a use!

Here’s the list from the PTR with exchange rate:

  • Crusader Orb (6)
  • Runed Orb (4)
  • Eternal Fire
  • Eternal Earth
  • Eternal Water
  • Eternal Air
  • Eternal Life
  • Eternal Shadow
  • Frost Lotus
  • Pattern: Frosty Flying Carpet [Tailors Only] (6)

A new mount for me, woot!

Frost lotus? Eternals?

I had a Frozen Orb ninja in a random heroic the other day. Made me laugh. Now it might get serious. Should we all just start rolling Need on these?

7 – And Overcloaks!

Looks like Horde, Troll, Gnome, and Alliance. This is a pretty neat concept. It’s a graphical change to your cloak slot without changing the stats. The only downside, I have yet to appreciate the look of a cloak on a clothie, I always turn them off on my mage and priest. And I probably will on my space goat and tauren since I think it looks stupid sticking out over their tails. (It’s better than the tail sticking through, but it still bugs me. And if they can change the shape of cloaks to accommodate tails, why the hell do tabards still get tucked into robes?) I’m wondering if there are any improvements to the cloak animations with these, they seem a little stiff right now.

What has you excited? (About the patch, you perverts.)

16 comments on “And the good times keep coming

  1. daemia says:

    omg, I can’t quit if the gnomes are going to retake Gnomeregan! FOR GNOMEREGAN!

    Tauren and Draenei should get little bows and tassels for their tails instead of overcloaks.


  2. koalabear21 says:

    Isn’t that mount a loot card?


  3. Tiræl says:

    Well that pisses me off about (_______________________________________________this_____________________________________ much.


  4. orangeslice says:

    Gnomes take back Gnomeregan!



  5. Darraxus says:

    Finally we get to retake Gnomeregan from a bunch of level 20s and the Echo Isles from a bunch of level 10s. Raid bosses are apparently no match for shitty little Murlocs.


  6. Jaedia says:

    Lol you have a point about the kids.. Blizzard are cruel!


  7. […] review of the patch notes and data mining that introduced the new adult model for Anduin. I wasn’t paying attention when I was there last on Arioch pelting his dad with a BB gun, but […]


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