Wait. What?

I was speaking with a guildmate over the weekend and had a spark of conversation that caused me to go through 3 phases: confusion, refreshment, frustration.

The player in question has an elemental shaman.

With a 71 point spec.

We (politely) ganged up on him and convinced him that was inappropriate for any circumstance, but especially not for raids.

Again, we explained the requirement of DBM or some other raid-warning add on.

And then I touched on Recount.

I have a love/hate affair with Recount.

I love it when I go to the training dummies and can use it as a tool to help myself or someone else pin down a weakness in a rotation.

I love it when I glance at it in a raid and my raid is all bunched together at the top AND we’re not dying to people doing stupid shit. We use it to challenge ourselves and each other to do better.

I hate it when I’m in a random heroic and my husband is tanking and the random rogue is talking about how much better he’s doing than everyone else. You might be doing more DPS, but you are stressing the hell out of my husband with him trying to keep threat off you. You don’t have to live with him grinding his teeth and being grumpy about dumb shit DPS. If it takes 5 minutes longer to complete the instance because we let the tank pick up threat, that’s OK.

I hate it when I’m in a raid and the numbers are all over the place and we’re dying to stupid shit because someone’s DPS is too precious to insert utility into their ass-kicking rotation. And then they usually spam their numbers to “prove” it wasn’t their fault we wiped.

But love it or hate it, it has it’s usefulness and I appreciate its existence. I blame the player, not the tool.

Back to the elemental shaman we were working with.

He doesn’t have Recount.



A DPS class, and a person that wants to raid at that, and he DOESN’T have Recount?

My brain just sort of shut down.

Confusion set in.

He does not have a healing spec. I’m pretty sure this is his only 80, so I don’t think he has a tank laying about.

He’s pure DPS and does not have Recount.

How is that even possible?

After I picked my jaw up off the desk, I was struck with the notion that it was pretty cool that he didn’t have Recount.

Here is someone that wants to play the game as a game and isn’t going to get involved in the epeen flexing about numbers.

It was a refreshing sort of view on the whole thing.

For about 2 seconds.

And then hit my frustration.

We had just taken this guy into Ulduar hard modes and his performance was less than stellar.

Of course, he had no way of knowing that he was at the bottom of the pack, since he wasn’t running Recount and we don’t spam numbers in our raids.

I had 9 people working very hard to get these encounters down, with all the DPS pulling 4, 5, 6, 7+ thousand depending on the fights (or 11k+ on Hodir), the healers are healing their asses off, the tanks are doing their thing keeping that monumental amount of threat contained, and then I’ve got him in the corner, just happy to be there with his (unknown to him) 3k DPS.

The next day I encouraged him to get Recount (I never thought I would say that to anyone) and to spend some quality time with a training dummy. If he was worried about computer performance in raids, he could always disable it before the raid.

He went and downloaded DBM (which if I had known he did not have at the start of the Ulduar hard modes I would have booted his ass in a heart beat to go get) but came back and said he’s going to pass on Recount.

If he wanted to be a serious raider, I would bench him until he got it or somehow otherwise magically improved his DPS. Hell, I would be willing to sit in a city by a training dummy and post numbers for him if he was interested in improving.

But his response that he is going to pass on Recount tells me that he doesn’t care about his performance.

He never once (that I am aware of) has asked how he’s doing or what can be done better.

He can’t make many of our raids due to an odd work schedule so I think we’ll be losing him shortly anyway and the whole situation will be moot.

But I am at a loss for having a DPS that says they want to raid but doesn’t recognize the tools needed to do so.

We did not successfully clear all of Uld that night. A couple people that signed up did not show up. A few had not done their homework and researched the fights beforehand.

So we struggled on a couple and will have to come back for them, but we did get a few down. I think we got the following under Tiræl’s guidance:

It was late so we called it at Freya for the evening. All in all, it was fun and a lot of good experience.


42 comments on “Wait. What?

  1. Delerius says:

    Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun in there! Sorry I couldn’t make it.. real life called. And then cancelled. And then called again. And then cancelled. And finally called again (geez he needs to make up his mind).

    After all that I hung out with him instead of raiding… and then he was ticked that I wanted to raid instead of hanging out with him again last night >.<

    And I won't be able to come this Saturday either… but maybe someday I'll get my rusted proto.


  2. Fricassee says:

    There was a mage in our guild who used to feel the same way – didn’t care about his performance. Somewhere along the way he figured it out and started doing mad DPS.

    I think the real thing is that as soon as someone starts doing significantly more damage, it’s intoxicating. You want more and do everything in your power to do more damage.


  3. crankyhealer says:

    If he doesn’t use recount during RAIDS, I get that, cause it lags out… but our guild has a requirement that raiders look at the world of logs parse afterward to see what they could do better. Well they’re supposed to. So if he prefers doing it that way, cool…


  4. Darraxus says:

    Sounds like he just doesnt really care. Every point in one tree is clue number one that he has no clue. Recount may be good for epeen stroking, but it is also very good to find weakness in your rotation etc.


    • Delerius says:

      I was noticing that too…

      He has dual-spec, and his second spec seems passable, just from my brief personal inspection. 56/15/0 seems more reasonable than 71/0/0



    • Delerius says:

      I can only imagine what it’ll be like in Cataclysm with the “mastery” stat giving more bonuses the more points you have in a spec.

      76/0/0 anyone?



    • slice213 says:


      Hell yeah = new leet spec for all.

      As poeple like to say…Cataclysm will fix all.


  5. DarthRegis says:

    Keep in mind that not everyone knows what resources are available out there. I didn’t find out about anything until my girlfriend started doing research. And some people don’t even know where to look!

    So, not having addons isn’t a total shock to me.

    But not caring about doing better yet still wanting to raid. That one baffles me. I’m in a pretty casual guild (mostly RL friends), so it’s all for fun…whether it be failure or success, it’s usually fun. But I’ll be damned if I’m not trying to do my best at the same time.


    • DarthRegis says:

      Fair enough about the guild requirements. I’m just saying that it’s not so shocking for someone to be ignorant with their first 80. I am mostly shocked at the attitude. Wanting to raid and not caring about performance seems like an oxymoron to me. /shrug


  6. koalabear21 says:

    So does that mean I can’t bring my DK with 71 points in Unholy and all spell power plate to ICC on Tuesday?



    • koalabear21 says:

      You found me out!

      That was my evil twin!

      I’d make another DK and level it on your server, but I dislike them so very much. >.>


    • Delerius says:

      “but I dislike them so very much. >.>”

      Does not compute.

      It’s a warlock.
      In plate.


    • koalabear21 says:

      You turning into Tir or something with the whole “does not compute?”

      DKs are melee, I don’t do great with melee.

      And no, they arent anything like warlocks.


    • Delerius says:

      That was Tel and Liyhe with the “does not compute” thingy…

      And yes they are. They’re a dot and pet class. And they’re all evil and devil-worshipping.


    • koalabear21 says:

      DoT and pet does not = exactly the same


      When I was in vent Tir was saying that over and over again. He even had Soth asking him what the hell he was talking about.

      I never heard Tel or Orange say it.

      But DKs =/= Warlocks



  7. slice213 says:

    “Does not compute”

    “Does not compute”

    “Does not compute”

    “Does not compute”

    Evil = DK and Warlocks…both have pets…both have DoT attacks…one can use a wand one cannot but that is minor.

    Give up you will be assimilated.


  8. Tiræl says:

    effin hell..I fail.


  9. Tiræl says:

    This forums coding syntax can go die in a damned fire. California Forrest fire.


  10. Tiræl says:

    I am use to using BBCode in a different forum. You might like the site Del. http://www.dslreports.com/forum/wowetc.


  11. theerivs says:

    Doesn’t have recount???!!? I…………………
    ………………..Whoo got a little woozy there. Where was I. See this is why I say people need to take ownership of their toon. It’s like working somewhere, and not giving a shit about your performance. Sure Mcdonalds might no mind if your on the fry machine, but IBM may.


  12. Tiræl says:

    Btw, Arioch, I put 240ish potions of speed in the bank last night. Hope that will last us awhile.


  13. Tiræl says:

    Zam wouldn’t let me :(


  14. Slice213 says:

    Party pooper….



  15. Euripedes says:

    I use recount as a tool for measuring DPS when trying out a new class/rotation/spec/sequence/etc, and nothing else.
    I do not instance with recount, I do not raid with recount. There isn’t a point.


    • Tiræl says:

      There is when you are doing Festergut 25 and you need to know if people need to step up the dps.


  16. […] a great time, and everthing is going well. Priest healer, pally tank, rogue, dk and me. (Note to Clearcasting readers: all my points are not in elemental, I have Recount and DBM, and even if it doesn’t […]


  17. Johnny says:

    I guess I should get Recount. As a frost mage that’s just started Heroics, it’s been pretty clear now that simply spamming frostbolt with the occasional free firebolt from Brainfreeze just ain’t cutting it.


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