Those become repeatable quests

Blame koala and repgrind.

All their faults.

It began as a simple comment and went from there.

Before I knew it I was up way past my bedtime twiddling with crap in the WoW Model Viewer.

That application is an awesome toy, but it does have its quirks. One of the hardest things is getting skin tones *just right* to match what the characters are. My priest and mage have the same tone, but the pally and DK are different, I swear.

There are some classification issues and things are not always sorted under their logical groupings. I’ve found Horde doodads under Alliance listings and things like that.

Some are just funny, like one hookah is under the title “bong.”

There was some discussion last night about which post should go out today. There was a vote taken, but koala and I won. No, we didn’t really pay attention to the votes. We knew what we wanted. /wink

I should probably provide a warning about what lies below the break, but everyone is most likely viewing this with a reader anyway so the surprise has already been ruined.

Someday there will be a fifth one to add to the line up, just waiting on Cataclysm to fix it.

From the left, that’s my DK, priest, mage and paladin.

And here’s some words so we can all pretend this is a respectable post:

As their personalities developed, so did their relationships with each other – they’re all siblings. This is probably the closest I get to RP in the game.

Arioch is the eldest but doesn’t really conform to the eldest-child stereotype. He was already a devoted student of the arcane by the time the next in line came about and didn’t spend much time with his younger siblings. He’s an arrogant bastard, but the kind that you like anyway – even if you hate yourself for doing so. In between adventures, you can find him in the Filthy Animal with a brew of questionable quality in one hand and a woman of only slightly less questionable virtues in the other.

The paladin is next (I’ll do proper introductions on them all as they hit level 80). With Arioch absent, he took on more of the “big brother” role in the family. He’s a bit naive and even a bit of a prude, for which Arioch teases him. Drawn to the Light, he was confused about the treatment of M’uru by the Blood Knights but didn’t think to question it. The revelations that take place in Shatt stunned him (go park yourself by A’dal and listen) and strengthened his resolve in the Light. He’s a bit of the odd bird in the family. He’s also very shy and feels awkward in social situations but will rush to the aid of an ally.

And then their sister, Lady Eonys. More on her later.

Next are the twins – my priest and DK.

My priest possesses all the confidence in his abilities that I lack. He is cool, calm, collected. (Don’t let my jumping around like mad in instances fool you.) Where Arioch enjoys being the center of attention, the priest stands on the outskirts of the festivities with his arms crossed and nose turned up. As much as he complains about being placed in situations where his priestly abilities are being used, he revels in the use of his powers as much as Arioch does in his. He may have turned out to be more like Arioch, but the loss of his twin brother during the war was a heavy blow. He is given to much quiet contemplation and is often seen as brooding or cold.

The DK started out as a hunter and fought for the Horde until his death. My DK would be a hopeless romantic if he weren’t, well, returned from the dead. He’s got a bit of a guilt complex going on and feels responsible for what happened while he was under the control of the Lich King. His sister’s death by his hands torments him. With the memories of his previous life clouded and jumbled, he is unaware that he has living siblings. If he were to know, the guilt over killing their sister might destroy him. He fights for revenge against Arthas and hopes to earn some measure of atonement for his actions. He doesn’t think of life past the fall of the Lich King because he doesn’t know what he would have to live for. He is very confident in his abilities on the battlefield, but every fight reminds him of how he gained those powers. Has some self-worth issues.

My priest is the only one that recognizes the DK for who he is but keeps that information to himself, fearful of how the other brothers would react. Hell, he’s not even sure how he should react. On the one hand, he has his brother back, but on the other, it’s not really his brother any more.

The baby of the family will be my blood elf warrior. Yes, he’ll have the same hairstyle. He’s already forming as the hot-head of the family, quick to anger and quick to love.

My husband’s reaction to seeing the above picture was hilarious. Enters room, “So what’s the plan for… GAAAHHHHHH, what the hell?”

54 comments on “Those become repeatable quests

  1. Tiræl says:

    Zambra said:

    GAAAHHHHHH, what the hell?

    Yep..pretty much my reaction when I read this today. Good background stories on your toons.


  2. Delerius says:

    Thank you Zam, I couldn’t think of what to say. You read my mind.

    Sure I’ll get “in character” sometimes when I play, but I’ve never thought to have a whole back-story behind it… hmm…


  3. slice213 says:

    … retinas are burning….I place Koala responsible for giving Arioch the idea….

    But the RP behind the characters were very cool.


  4. repgrind says:

    That is …. almost scary. Because, back when they were on the same server and both blood elves, my first DK and my priest were brothers. I had a whole story about them. My priest turned to the darkness and followed the ways of shadow after his brother was taken by the Scourge. Of course, now the priest is human and the DK sits on your server in his T7 armor waiting for me to do something with him.

    The photo … blows away anything I’ve ever posted. Absolutely awesome! You really need to try another hairstyle though. :p


  5. telanarra says:

    /pokes eyes out with a stick

    mucho better


  6. koalabear21 says:


    I <3 this!

    More male belfs the better!

    thanks! :D

    Ok my day will be good today :D


  7. Tiræl says:

    In regards to the title…O RLY!!!???


  8. zarigar says:

    LOL…I hope nobody accepts those quests…


  9. slice213 says:

    we know you would….Koala is a fiend.


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  11. […] Arioch is showing off all the naked belf bodies in her closet […]


  12. Tiræl says:

    To interrupt you daily schedule nekkid Belfs, to zone wide buff (5% inc damage/hp/healing) was implemented today.


  13. slice213 says:

    yeah it was….



  14. Tiræl says:

    YES!!! Detracted from male nudity…Tiræl 2 Arioch 9001


  15. koalabear21 says:

    As for the buff, it is supposed to be removeable

    so quit your QQing



  16. Tiræl says:

    You successfully distracted a presumably heterosexual male from a picture of male nudity!



  17. trixyheleva says:

    Bravo! Oh, and good job on the RP as well. You’re in deeper than you know. Wait. That sounded dirty. =P


  18. gnomeaggedon says:

    Somthing along the lines of teenage boys rolling night elf chicks enters my mind….

    BTW, Where did the staples go?


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  20. Jaedia says:

    AHAHA! I know I’m a bit late posting here but holy shit that made me laugh xD

    (Yes yes I suck at keeping up on my reader)


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  22. Hêx says:

    So, this was awkward as shit, I had no warning, because when you’re reading a presumably safe blog, and you scroll down, and all the guys that you share an apartment with all choose to look at your comp screen at the exact same time you can’t even begin to explain the “it’s not what it looks like” situation.
    So yeah, I’m stuck half way between being very red faced and laughing my ass off…..


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  24. […] But I do have something that might constitute “perverted male bloodelf picture.” […]


  25. […] so happens that they are all brothers. (I need to update that picture, hope it wasn’t in the folder that got eaten when I got new […]


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