OK, so after spending a weekend not in WoW, I had to spend some time playing catch up with the AH and such.

And it wouldn’t be AH fun if I wasn’t receiving threatening whispers from little goblins!

Translation: Good sir, I do believe you have undercut me on an item in the Auction House. I will now be re-listing all my auctions in a spiteful attempt to cause you financial harm over the course of the 48 hours your auctions are listed.

Was very tempting to respond with, “lol, u mad bro?” but the cunning little goblin had already logged off onto a different character to begin my financial ruin.

Oh noes, woe is me.

This happened on Friday. The Friday before I knew I wasn’t going to be logging into WoW until Sunday night at best.

Let me take a moment to explain how I have been running my AH business as of late.

I remember to log on to my AH mule every 2 to 4 days.

I scan the AH.

I pull a bunch of stuff out of the mailbox, expired auctions, random stuff from alts to sell, and of course, my profits.

I do the spiffy little batch posting thing to repost anything that had expired. I don’t even particularly pay attention to the prices of anything, especially not on the glyphs.

Sound like I’m much of a goblin myself?

I will log on to my scribe every other week or so and churn out 2-10 of any glyph that has been selling well.

Let’s be honest.

Glyphs are pretty damn cheap to produce and damn cheap to list.

I don’t post more than 2 of any given type of glyph at a time.

I am not a glyph clearing house, I do not play the price war game.

I push the little button that puts all my glyphs up for me at an average of the sensible prices that have been seen over the last few scans.

If someone else is trying to manipulate the market, I am not deliberately stepping on their toes. I’m just too lazy to even pay attention to the shift in the market.

You want to artificially inflate the market on glyphs?

Knock yourself out.

I did it once on another server with copper for a while.

It was fun, for all of about 20 minutes.

Then it because tedious.

A tedious week in WoW is not a fun week in WoW.

If my 2 little glyphs are such a threat that it requires such monumental effort on the part of another to put a stop to my AH shenanigans, I am vastly more powerful than I thought.

Adding this to my list of accomplishments:  Can make 12-year old goblin shit himself in fear by posting a handful of glyphs, forcing said goblin to waste time reorganizing the entire glyph market, all while I’m heading out for the weekend.



10 comments on “Threats?

  1. Nymesis says:

    I’ve been playing the AH game lately myself. I’m finally trying to get that 5k for the epic flying. But rather than produce anything myself (that would require work) I simply scan the AH, look for things that are selling extremely low, I.E. Runecloth x20 for 95silver. Buy it and repost for 5g. 500% profit and they always sell.


  2. Tirael says:

    I remember being on vent for this. I was laughing so hard. I would have totally been like “LOLUMADBRO?!?!” and posted like 50 glyphs under his price.


  3. Delerius says:

    Ha! That wannabe goblin is just another M&S.

    Wait, wrong blog.


  4. slice213 says:

    So should have typed you mad bro. :)


  5. koalabear21 says:

    I gotta wonder if he is still fuming after this weekend


  6. Forreststump says:

    One question remains unanswered: did the spiteful little goblin impact your sales, or not?


  7. zarigar says:

    change the A to an O and he would have had the perfect name


  8. gravedust13 says:

    Art thou vexed, brother?


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