Today is lacking content.

Honestly, I spent most of the weekend with my family and didn’t log in to WoW hardly at all.

Sunday evening I did log on to my priest for some healtastic fun.

Healed VoA 25, top two bosses.

My gloves dropped and went to the priest that did worse than I did. /sad panda

Healed ToCr 10 paired with a holy pally. I haven’t loaded the parse yet, but I don’t recall there being *too* many deaths. Maybe just a huntard and the mage. I did feel sorry about the mage dying. Professional courtesy I guess. Or, since it wasn’t Tel on an alt I felt bad about that death and not so much about the huntard.

Healing P3 Anub, dramatic re-enactment:




Ran some heroics in my disc spec so I could figure it out and earn enough emblems to get my second piece of T9.

Couple runs in:

“I don’t like disc.”

“What do you mean you don’t like disc?”

“I can’t remember to use Penance. I’m defaulting to FH all the time. I’m just not getting used to this chain bubbling crap.”

It got better, but I really missed my CoH and Serendipity. Borrowed Time is ok, I guess…

I tried casting Power Infusion on someone and got that confused with my Pain Suppression key bind, oops.

So the jury is still out on disc.

Then we trooped off to 9-man Ony 10 so a guild mate could get some head.


A head.

Onyxia’s head.

I, um, got cleaved a little bit and that was a little deathy.

But it was in the last phase and Tir was on his pro priest so it all worked out.

(I swear it did not look like I was that close. Or, it was a clever ploy on my part to not heal for the rest of the fight.)

For healing 3 raids and a handful of heroics (won the bronze drake by virtue of Soth not being able to ninja it since he already had it, nice try though) I think I only screamed a handful of times.

Don’t tell anyone, but I might just be getting the hang of this.

8 comments on “Lacking

  1. Tirael says:

    I’ll go with the “clever ploy to not heal anymore”. You did just fine. Maybe now that you have 2p t9, you will do better. Btw, it is not my fault that you fail at the easier healing spec, but have no issues with the complicated one. (j/k, lol) L2penance priest, imo.


  2. Arvash says:

    Lol, I forgive ya on the mage death. I think you did pretty good in ToCr, I can only imagine Anub would be nerve-racking to heal in P3. I might try healing on my priest, you priestys have given me the itch to try it…


  3. koalabear21 says:

    You did great on ToC. It helps to have a raid healing holy pally to heal with :)

    Almost like having a druid lol


  4. slice213 says:

    Hmmm. I think in the ToC was only Tel and Arv. Awesome job healing! :)


  5. Telanarra says:

    my FD glitched on me honest


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