Bizzarro WoW: The beginning

As I mentioned yesterday, Tir has moved to a new server for raiding.

He also faction transferred.


While I have chosen to leave my established characters on Drak’Tharon, it appears that I am still under the 40 character limit for my account.

Obviously this needs to be rectified and I should immediately roll another 7 characters as *sigh* Alliance.

This pretty firmly puts me either into the camp of “nut job” or “altoholic.” Perhaps on a Venn diagram I’m right where those two intersect. I imagine it’s labeled “completely loony.”

So here are some observations about rolling Alliance toons after Cataclysm:

(If you remember far enough back, I have admitted to starting out as Alliance, so this was a return to old haunts with much more experience under my belt (goodness, that sounds bad) as well as all the simplifications to playing made with the Cata redesign. I’ve rolled another Horde or two since Cata so I think I’ve touched upon some of the elements for new characters before, I apologize if I repeat myself.)

First thing is to set up an interim bank alt. Can’t play without gold!

Rolled a little night elf druid. She was what the character creation screen had defaulted to and I had a pretty druify-elfy sort of name that I had seen elsewhere. Tweak the hair a bit, make her a tad more purple, and voila.

That name is unavailable.

Of course it is. So were the next 4 variations I tried. Finally I got something that wasn’t taken and wasn’t more than a mile off from my original name selection.

The intro narration has been updated and all the quests were eerily similar yet different.

Oh, and I had no shoes. It looks like everyone else got shoes, why didn’t I get shoes?

Note that I am NOT in the kitchen

Found the training dummies and was expecting a quick quest at some point to use a new ability on one, like I did with my blood elf warrior. Newp. No mention of them at all.

The quest line for filling the vials was still there, but now there are shades of Kal’dorei that speak bits of lore to you, mostly regarding what drove Fandral to do something (those of you that raid Firelands know exactly what he did), and they seemed largely apologetic that he had been driven to such lengths.

A quest that plagued me to no end as a brand new player involved going into a catacomb type area, finding 4 mystical items, and returning them. Along the way you find a druid’s shade requesting assistance in killing his controlled body so he may pass on in peace. This quest also involves looting a random drop off the shaman furbolg.

In its current version, a sentinel NPC accompanies you through the catacombs, lending melee assistance, and TELLING YOU WHERE THE DAMN THINGS YOU NEED TO FIND ARE. The druid still asks for the drop, but you find it after killing just a handful of shaman, not spending an hour clearing the place front to back and side to side. And his body in bear form is in a locked room that opens for you at the appropriate point in the quest. You don’t have to run around looking for him wandering about only to find his corpse because someone needed to get past him.

By the time I hit level 7, I was given a quest to FLY to Darnassus from the quest hub. Level 7. Flying from the quest hub to the capital.

With 10 silver in my pocket.

Within 48 hours that 10 silver was almost 100 gold.

So she is now almost level 15 and parked in Darnassus. I’m actually enjoying the druid a fair bit so I’m not sure if she will remain relegated to the duties of bank bitch or if she will be released back into the world to rain down Moonfire spam.

After a second day of fishing dailies, she is now the proud owner of a Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat. Hey, it’s got stam and spirit on it and beats not having a hat at all.


Also on the roster are a night elf mage and warrior (yes, the spirit of Eolair lives on, again), a worgen rogue and DK, and a draenei priest and paladin.

So even though we may see a decrease in raiding content over here for a bit, I should have plenty of blog fodder!


9 comments on “Bizzarro WoW: The beginning

  1. Leit says:

    My word, I remember that barrow den. My gf started a trial account a week or so after I started playing, and since she couldn’t play “the pretty ones” – belves – she started a nelf druid.

    For a non-gamer, the place was simply ridiculous. No indication of where to go or how to get there, and while I’m more experienced in gaming, even I couldn’t help her out. Eventually resulted in her hearthing out to the starting area and abandoning that character entirely. Shortly afterward we got her a box set and she started a belf mage. That nelf has since been deleted.


  2. Arvash says:

    I guess I’m in the “completely looney” club too, creating a whole bunch of alliance toons (including four tankers! Unpossible!), never have played the alliance side before past level 10. It’s been a whole new experience for me, different cities to explore and learn, new race lore and even relearning your main’s class in a different light.


  3. The first character I ever made in WoW was a Night Elf priest.

    Dear god, I remember that barrow den. *Twitch.* It was fun for the first half hour. But by the time I was halfway back to the entrance and realized I hadn’t looted the item I needed from the damn druid’s body… *Shudder.*

    Honestly, I think the whole Night Elf starting zone is pretty terrible, and Cataclysm hasn’t done much to improve it. It’s the main reason I don’t have any Night Elf toons, because I like them as a race.

    But good of you to give the other faction a whirl. I’m a strong advocate of playing both factions. Like they say, you pay for the entire game, and if you’re only playing one side, you’re only getting half the experience.


  4. slice says:

    Alliance toons? wut? But they have cooties…like Arv


  5. zarigar says:

    It’s all about the jiggle.


  6. repgrind says:

    40? Yeah um … the cap is actually 50, and I know this because I had to delete some back when I first made Van. So you got a ways to go, slacker! Get thee to the character creation screen! :p


  7. gravedust13 says:

    Bahaha.. That barrow den was a goddamn rite of passage.

    I remember spending HOURS in there on my first toon. And the place was littered with the bodies and bones of the poor newbs that had come before me. That was the first time I was in party too, and the first time I really interacted with anyone socially in that game, mostly consisting of a chatlog full of: “Okay WHAT do we need to get again? How many do you have?” and “Where are these goddamn chests? Fuck! I already have this one!”

    And most prevalently:
    “Jesus Christ! A BEAR!!! IT’S KILLING ME!!!”
    “Where are you!?!”

    God damn, but those were the days. Anyone else miss that innocence?

    I though I was the shit because I had a green sword.

    +1 Strength, +2 Spirit.

    Fuck yeah.


  8. shawndrakai says:

    I created my last few alts on Drak’Tharon not long ago to re-roll with some friends. My main on that server is now an almost 85 Tauren priest named Lulubelle :)

    As for alliance, yeah that night elf area is probably the one that is closest to what it used to be. I hate that barrow den quest, even with npc help. Ugh.


  9. […] other day I struck a chord with players that have experienced the old-school hell known as the […]


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