Out of my league

I’m sort of bad at melee DPS.

As a result, I often begin leveling melee toons (think I’m on my 6th warrior) and about the time things get complicated (fighting in a party, so level 15 or so) I tend to lose interest and wander away.

This is how my DKs end up as gathering toons. I’m relatively safe in plate zipping about, picking flowers, and hitting rocks.

But we’re at a situation in the guild where it would be awfully handy for me to have a third character to raid on when a warm body is needed and they’ve managed to get both my mage and priest saved to the same Firelands raid.

A normal BoT was being run.

They needed a warm body.

My DK is level 85.

He’s also ilevel 301.

For those of you keeping score at home, that’s no where near the required 329 to enter a heroic dungeon and the 346 one should be close to after grinding heroics for a bit before entering a raid.

A quick perusal of my achievements and I see that we got around to doing normal Blackrock Caverns at least once.

But hey, it’s an alt run.

I warned everyone and said if there were any problems, I could swap to my mage.

I have less stuff on my bars than for my mage or priest, yet I can’t seem to find places to conveniently locate it all on my keybinds. I am confuzzled about this. Whatever, I’m just wildly mashing buttons anyway.

Zone in.

“Oh. My. God. Do you really only have 88k health?”


And I’m wielding Shadow’s Edge. Don’t even look at my trinkets. I have 6 expertise. It may be possible for me to miss the boss more times than actually land a hit. Yes, I’m unholy. No, I won’t remember to keep my pet alive. And I have an extra talent point that I’m not real sure where to put… there, that spot looks good.


Tanking gear dropped that was a huge upgrade for me, even with all the dodge and parry on it. That went to someone that might actually tank. A DPS helm did drop off Cho’Gall but it went to the DK that actually broke 10k on all the fights.

So I didn’t get any gear, but I did get the achievement for completing BoT before I’ve ever set foot in a heroic.

We had a good time.

My pet dying was a bit of a running joke. Actually, me not remembering to summon him again until mid-way through the next fight was the joke.

There was also a joke that anyone doing less damage than me would be required to pay the entire raid 1000 gold each. If some of those trash pulls had just been boss fights, I could have made a quick couple grand.

I did discover that on the big dragonkin trash after the twins that there is a fine line between sitting in twilight eruption (which I did not do) and being too far forward on his toe and getting hit by the blade tempest (which I did do).

And the general consensus is that I did better than another DK we sometimes bring on alt raids – with 50 more ilevel points on me. I do comparable damage going out, take less damage to myself, and attack the correct things.

After getting back to Org, I went through the blacksmithing list and picked out a few quick upgrades that could be made for me with materials I had on hand.

5 pieces (including a weapon), 8 whole ilevel points later, and I gained a good 500 attack power. Still lacking hit, but it should be good enough to get through some dungeons.

I really should have run the Brewfest boss. Damn.

With all my pet issues, I think I need to go frost.

Too many characters to gear and level… aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!


8 comments on “Out of my league

  1. Leit says:

    That sounds mildly hilarious. Seems like your guild had fun with it, though.

    Also got many toons to gear… my warrior finally got an FL raid slot this weekend past! No idea if it’ll be regular, but the Way of the Face Smash™ is too attractive not to gear up for, just in case.

    The trick to enjoying melee is to really *want* to turn mobs into unrecognisable lumps of whimpering protein. >:D


  2. […] Arioch recently dusted off her DK alt. Apparently she doesn’t deal well with playing melee DPS. My gf has the same issue… the druid that she’s levelling as a healer was originally a cat, since that was what was recommended for levelling. She managed to do one dungeon before it was abandoned pending caster heirlooms. […]


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