My bad

I missed a raid.

For what is I believe the first time since I started raiding (years ago now), I completely forgot all about the raid.

I’ve missed raids with warning, letting people know in advance that I would not be available.

But this one was just *poof* gone.

Work has been hectic and playing parent has eaten up a lot of my time (brain cells, too, I think).

So Friday morning I wake up and go to work. (That means crawl to the dining room where my work computer is set up.)

I remember that it’s raid day.

I remember that it’s a 3-day weekend.

So I’m desperately trying to get all my work wrapped up prior to 3:00 so people just *might* actually respond to me before the weekend. Oh, and that would give me enough time to log on a bit early and scan the AH.

3:00 rolls by and I’m not done.

It’s nearly 5 before I can put a bow on the project and ship it.

I’m exhausted.

Cook dinner. Tacos. Pretty quick and easy.

Melt on the couch.

Go log on to Diablo 3 and putz about.

Go to bed.

Look at the alarm and try to decide what time I need to set it for to get up on Friday morning.

Oh wait, today was Friday.

Slip under the covers, get comfy.







Fuck it.

Go to sleep.

I would feel bad except last week I showed up and had to wait for almost an hour while they finally decided that we were going to run 3 bosses in FL for someone to finish up part of their staff quest.

We had to 9-man it because they couldn’t scrape more people up. We wiped on Aly’s trash. I didn’t even bother to log in to vent. Just pewpewpewed in silence.

I did get some cinders so it wasn’t a total waste.

I don’t feel that bad for the guild. I’ve been a regular attendee for a long time now and it’s just been sliding further downhill. I feel worse that I had a memory lapse on when the fucking weekend is.

A bit of datamining in the MoP beta shows that there are Brewfest items sitting around with a level 90 requirement. This could be a fantastic red herring or could indicate a release timeline.

If I decide to jump the guild ship, I’m wondering when the best time to do so would be…

I don’t want to look before I can get back on the game with some seriousness (July) but I would like to have a new home before MoP releases (fall?).

And are there any guilds even recruiting right now or are they all too busy slaying the minions of hell?


6 comments on “My bad

  1. zarigar says:



  2. Not that I’m in any way an expert, but my gut is telling me MoP will be released in mid-late August or perhaps early September. A lot of people are saying July, but this is Blizzard. They’ll take as long as humanly possible.


  3. Prinnie Dood says:

    There are some guilds out there (mine is probably one) where they don’t recruit so much as sit there and wait for the unsuspecting victims to fall in.

    When the guild’s level 25, they always come. Always.


  4. Devee says:

    That’s a pretty hilarious story honestly, although I’m sorry you missed your raid. That’s never happened to me, although I have been late many times. Sometimes I don’t I need to stay late until later in the day, so I would just keep my RL updated with text messages.


  5. Telanarra says:

    In reality she probably got distracted by a shiny object. :)


  6. Leit says:

    With attendance down across the board, a lot of guilds are looking for raiders at the moment… but they’re looking for people that’ll show up and fill in for the D3 tombstones. :\


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