The Little Raid

That couldn’t.

Last night marked our triumphant return to raiding.

And by triumphant, I mean the raid bosses racked up some kills.

And by raid bosses, I mean Jin’rokh. And Horridon.

We did manage to field 6 guildies, but two of them were brand new. As in, joined 5 minutes before the raid.

One of our healers hadn’t logged in since the LAST time we raided as a guild… where he was DPS. And apparently his reforge add on borked up so he kept his DPS stats.

The PUG mage died twice within 40 seconds of the first pull. His damage was fine. His lack of following mechanics killed us repeatedly until we threatened to boot him. (On Horridon he managed to only kill himself so it wasn’t so bad.)

Our MT couldn’t stay logged in in between pulls. Was fine during pulls, but death and resurrection seemed to cause some serious issues. 10 minutes to log back in sort of issues until Jin went down.

Our last pull on Horridon before we lost a healer was preemptively started when the other mage cast Frozen Orb at the boss. The entire raid starts yelling at “mage” (because we don’t have different names or anything) and I’m freaking out that I had managed to somehow pull the boss while jumping around by the gate.

Thankfully, I don’t have Frozen Orb so the blame landed squarely on his undead shoulders.

But then we lost a healer and decided to call it for the night.

In good news, I did manage to snag my tier gloves off Nalak with a coin roll right before the raid.

Now I’ll get around to swapping out my weapon, off hand, boots, switch back to the T14 shoulders to keep that 4-piece, new gloves, and reforge the whole mess to squeak under the hit cap. Oh yeah, and gems and enchants.

We’re supposed to pick it up again tonight, but we already know that we’re short one of the DPS and I really shouldn’t stay the full evening since I have to be up at an unholy hour on Friday for a work event.

Now taking bets on whether or not we even start the raid and if we do start the raid, can we down Horridon?

5 comments on “The Little Raid

  1. Alan says:

    With the sale going on right now, perhaps a server move would help. Our raid team recently moved to Aerie Peak, and is part of the Convert To Raid mega-guild. There are a ton of people either looking to become part of a raiding team, or just avialable to pug in for a misiing regular raider. We were able to quickly recruit a few new team members, and have no issues getting decent raiders to pug in if we are missing a member. Contrasting that to our old server, Uldaman, we would spend the majority of raid night trying to get a pug to fill in, and usually to mixed results. The move has done wonders for both our morale and progression. Check it out –


  2. Telanarra says:

    “Besides, if I didn’t have anything to bitch about I wouldn’t have anything to write about” you would find something i’m certain!


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