In the meantime

Since raiding has been off the table in any serious capacity for the past couple weeks, what have I been up to in WoW?

With the exception of this past weekend, not much.

I started playing LoL and almost as quickly lost interest.

Watched the first 4 seasons of Venture Bros. Seriously, if you aren’t watching this, you need to start. What are you waiting for? Go watch!

And then two things happened.

Patch 5.4 and the promise of 489 catch-up gear for my alts and 100 free valor (if I can cap on Arioch) each week until this shindig ends (anyone know when it will end?) had me itching to put some serious hours back in to the game.

The second thing was my overwhelming guilt for not keeping up on my cousin’s gaming podcast (check him out over at ) finally caught up with me.

I had the perfect opportunity to roam the Barrens, mindlessly slaughtering Kor’kron and escorting caravans, while listening to the MANY hours of podcast I had fallen behind on.

I am sad to say that I’m still not caught up on the podcast (episode 19!) , but I made progress all over the place in WoW on multiple characters.


Got valor capped! This was important for the progress on the other characters. I was also able to buy the last of the valor pieces I wanted from Shadow Pan Assault and was able to upgrade a couple of those pieces while I wait for the elusive T15 to drop.

Discovered I was missing the banquet recipes… not sure how I missed that.

I picked up a couple Darkmoon Faire achievements by turning in an Imbued Crystal and running amok with fireworks in capital cities. Piece of cake for a mage.

Somehow I was capped on JP so I dug my old heirloom gear out of my warrior’s bank and started upgrading it, both with VP and DMF tickets. After shuffling the pieces across all 4 max level toons, I was able to upgrade almost all of the pieces.

Unfortunately, this now means I need to make a list of what pieces I have so I don’t buy the un-upgraded pieces by accident.


Calculated that I need 26 more JC tokens (yes, from Cata-level content) to finish buying all the recipes from Marith in Org. Then… I get to buy the epic gems from her twin, Taryssa. Oh yeah, then I start in on the BC and Wrath recipes I’m missing. Completionism is a disease.

With Tir being on the same server and same faction, I have access to a blacksmith with a nice array of plans, including the Dragonstrike, Reborn, which will probably be the nicest thing Selwyn will see all expansion. I’ve shipped off all the mats, now we begin the waiting game to churn out the ingots day by day.

I have a bank full of the uncommon (green) quality gems and I’m not really sure what to do with them. It’s not worth transmuting them up to the rare gems. Maybe just make the jewelry, try to sell it, and DE it when it doesn’t move? Anyone out there have a better idea?

Something I did on all my toons a while back was to open up void storage and then proceed to drop a couple token items in it. Starting with Sel, I cleared out my banks and stuffed my storage.


My poor glyph bitch… he’s out of herbs and inks! I have turned every bit of herb I had into pigments, into inks, and then in to DMF cards or glyphs. That page of my guild bank looks very empty and sad.

With the change to the way herb gathering is leveled (can now level in Pandaria without bothering with the lower levels), I see hard times ahead for budding scribes and harder times for fledgling alchemists. Not sure this answer was the best that could have been designed.

Tir had some extra ghost iron laying about and decked Jhaelen out in some PvP pieces to inflate my ilevel. Not by enough that I could get in to LFR, but better than being wrapped in tin foil like I was. Playing a paladin is still a lot of “OMG, which button is sparkling? Hit that one!” but at least I’m lasting a little longer now.

I finally finished out my Order of the Cloud Serpent rep, now all my 90s can fly the cloud serpents. And because I couldn’t wait to raise each colored serpent and bought them all on Arioch, every time a new 90 gets their hatchling, it’s an automatic 750g at the vendor. Ka-ching!


Oh, my poor DK. He managed to get the bank guild to level 11 so I now have access to mobile banking. The climb to level 12 looks pretty steep from here.

He spent considerable time this weekend flying around the Heartland, collecting ore to be turned into Selwyn’s weapon.

Oh, and this happened.


I’m not really sure how a bot is easy to spot, but he got me. I failed the Turing Test.

I think his slow-ass was butt-hurt that I beat him to a node. Twice.

I never beat ANYONE to a node, let alone a druid.

But other than being accused of not being human (or blood elf), Kaayn didn’t see much action outside of hitting rocks and collecting resources for the war effort.

Somehow I managed to rack up an insane amount of hours on the game, including staying up until almost 2 on Saturday, practically unheard of for me.

I did do a load of dishes. So I may not be human, but I am a responsible adult. Robot. Thing.




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