WTB Shadow Sheep




And just like that, KT is my bitch.

Or something.

Got back into the same group, plus and minus a few people, and we took the rest of Naxx 25 by storm.

Opened up with a wipe on Patchwerk to get warmed up and then proceeded to lay the smack down – we were 15 seconds away from getting the Make Quick Werk of Him achievement. My raid was bipolar, suck ass one minute and kick it the next.

Our other moment of “oops” was against Thaddius, here’s what I’ve learned about that fight so far:

  • The tanks have to keep Fuegen and Stalagg close to where they start or the Tesla Coils go nuts and will wipe the raid.
  • If you can’t make the jump, beg a mage for Slow Fall or a priest for Levitate. (I’ve been secretly casting Slow Fall on our druid every guild run, he was with me in this raid but got put on the opposite side and I forgot to whisper the other mage to cast it on him… he missed the jump.)
  • After the jump, stack in front of Thadd, don’t pick a side yet. We wiped because people had picked sides before they got their polarity and fucked up getting to the correct side because they were too far away.
  • Use Deadly Boss Mods to keep an eye on the polarity shifts. This does 2 things: First, it helps keep you from being in the middle of a long cast when the shift happens. Second, it pops a big blue warning on your screen when your polarity changes. No big blue words and loud noise, you’re cool to chill out.
  • Casters should stack on the melee, who should all be at maximum melee distance. Big damage buffs the more stacks you’ve got.
  • When a shift happens, make sure you know which way AROUND Thaddius to go. Mages can blink through, but the rest of ya’ll got to hoof it. Every raid I’ve done so far says to pass on the right.
  • If you’re like me and panic as soon as you’re assigned a polarity, “OMG which side is which again?” even though the raid leader has spammed his cute little “— Thadd +++” macro a gabillion times: make use of stickies. I’ve got a big “-” on the left of my monitor and a “+” on the right. I ran with a hunter that wrote them on her hands, whatever works for you.

Only two deaths for all of Construct, Sapph, and KT. I actually came out ahead by almost 10 gold after repairs. Making some serious dough now! I’ll be rocking that Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth in no time flat at this rate! /sarcasm off

I was able to add Digested Silken Robes to my drop list for the run. Since I’m in that awkward Tier phase of having 3 pieces, I can play around and swap some pieces here and there. Technically, I lose 5-6 spell power with this chest, but gained a little bit of almost everything else. And, very important, it has the sleeveless thing going (same skin as the Spellweave Robe) so I can once again show just how sexy a beast I am. /rawr


Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

But the best part of the run, and the one that I meant to get a screen shot of, was during the KT fight. As a mage, I was responsible for crowd control during the mind controls. I’m a polymorph purist, and will almost always choose sheep as my livestock of choice. I LOVE sheeping shadow priests. When you sheep a shadow priest, you get a shadow sheep and I think they are absolutely adorable. When a character gets MCed by KT, they get really big and get these cool spinning chains around them. If you sheep a shadow priest that is mind controlled, you get a HUGE shadow sheep with wicked spinning chains. It was absolutely incredible and I failed to get a screen shot. I am offering a dozen double chocolate-chunk internet cookies for a good screen shot of a shadow sheep from the KT fight.

OMG, I just thought of an awesome vanity pet! I want a shadow sheep! Blizzard, make it so!

So Friday night I was up until 3:30 Saturday morning doing the 10-man Naxx with the guild. Saturday night I was up until 1:30 Sunday morning starting the 25-man Naxx. Sunday I wanted nothing more than to sleep. I was running a fever and had some serious throat issues going, leading theories are post nasal drip or I’m swallowing razor blades in my sleep.

Log on Sunday morning with the intent of doing the cooking daily, maybe the Dal fishing daily, maybe post an auction or 10, and then being a slug around the house until my Naxx 25 was getting back together in the evening.

But the guild needed me. They were short 1 DPS to run H CoS to get our holy pally his drake. And it was the heroic daily. And I happened to have an old normal daily for it.

I’m such a nice guildmate.

We’re on the 3rd wave or so and I get a whisper from the disc priest that got me into that 25 Naxx. “Running OS, you want in?”

Would love to, but busy with zombies and falling asleep at the keyboard. (He went on to win the Illustration of the Dragon Soul trinket. The one I lost on a roll of 99. The one I literally cried about. /sob)

I died once, Chrono-Lord Epoch kills me every time now. I hate that bastard.

Finished and got the drake, we’re actually getting pretty good at that now.

I’m ready for a nap.

My husband sticks his head in my office, “I’m in on an Ulduar 10 run, you want in?”

ZOMFG YES! Our guild hasn’t even seen Maly yet, we’re not getting to Ulduar until it’s been nerfed. Nerfed to the fucking ground, baby. This could be my only chance before people start demanding that you have the achievements before they let you in their raids.

But wait! I’m exhausted. I haven’t read ANYTHING on Ulduar yet, I haven’t wanted to tease myself. I should be responsible and get some rest before I get myself any more sick.

A few minutes later… “They say they want a mage.”

/me caves under the pressure.

Zone in and see the new loading screen and start clapping like a giddy school girl. Then I realize I’m being an idiot and stop clapping. Sleep deprivation does weird things.

They’ve already cleared the Flame Leviathon so we’re off to XT-002. Take the handy transporter at the entrance and beam over to where ever it is that we need to be. Any instance that has transporters to get around has got to be fucking huge.

We’re clustered in the doorway, staring down this gigantic mechanical thing, watching it lumber back and forth as the raid leader breaks it all down. And then it (the robot thing, not the raid leader) starts doing squats and wind-mill-type arm stretches. Weird.

Plan is laid out, tank runs in (it’s actually the DK tank from my guild), and engages XT.

And we discover that XT is a creepy-ass robot. Huge robot. Trying to kill you. Big fists of metal flailing about. Whiny, petulant child’s voice babbling about new toys and promising not to break them. /shudder

If you’re not planning on getting to Ulduar anytime soon, copy/paste this into your chat frame for a disturbing sample: /script PlaySoundFile (“Sound\\Creature\\XT002Deconstructor\\UR_XT002_Slay02.wav”)

Get more creepiness at WoWWiki.

We gave it 9 attempts, best was down to 8% before the scrapbots swarmed him. We had a warlock doing less damage than the tank, this was a problem with a 6 minute enrage timer.

Two things are a bitch in there for me: positioning and mana.

Positioning: you have to be 10-15 yards away from all the other players (10 yards for light bombs, 15 yards to avoid the “suck” on a gravity bomb). But there are little adds that come from the corners of this huge room. I wandered too far away from my healer trying to get to the adds and as Murphy would have it, got hit with a bomb.

The raid leader pipes up, “See where you died?”


“Don’t do that.”

Sorry, I won’t fuck up again. /shame

Mana: It’s not really a mana issue so much as a mana gem issue. I have the 2-piece set bonus for my T7/T7.5 gear, which grants me spell power every time I pop a mana gem. During the open heart phase, first heart drops at 75% health, you want to blow all the damage cooldowns you have. Durng the tantrum phase, which I think is a timed event and seemed to happen shortly before or after the heart, we were all instructed to use healthstones from the warlock to pull some of the pressure off the healers. Mana gems and health stones share a cooldown. Do damage or live? That’s a tough question for a mage. Our damage fluctuated a lot between each attempt so I never quite pinned down a good rotation of when it was safe to pop my gem and still have the healthstone available. I was using a health pot if the stone wasn’t up, but you can only do that once per fight… I’ll get it eventually.

As it stands right now, I’m out approximately 150 gold on consumables and repairs and no kill to show for it. /sad

We were supposed to meet tonight to finish it up, but the raid leader didn’t show.. so we went out to dinner with the DK tank to celebrate his birthday.

After seeming like I was going nowhere, all of a sudden I’m going everywhere.

Oh, and I got the Strand Crawler pet today from the Dal fishing daily. /cheer

Man, if this keeps up I’m not going to have anything to QQ about.

4 comments on “WTB Shadow Sheep

  1. smart001 says:

    Gratz on the Strand Crawler.

    We had similar issues with deconstructor, but never saw the south side of 60%. We gave up eventually and tried Razorfin once, no luck there either.

    I have a feeling this will be like Sapph for our guild. We wiped so many times on Sapph it is not funny, but when the kill finally came…I literally jumped out of my RL chair and did a happy /dance. Then we one shot KT.

    Anyway, once XT is dead you will feel great for it.

    I love Ulduar BTW, even though only one boss is down. It is a blast.


  2. gnomeaggedon says:

    Yay feed is perfect! Full articles in feedreader now….

    “If you can’t make the jump, beg a mage for Slow Fall or a priest for Levitate. (I’ve been secretly casting Slow Fall on our druid every guild run, he was with me in this raid but got put on the opposite side and I forgot to whisper the other mage to cast it on him… he missed the jump.)”

    Another idea is don’t jump…

    I know, crazy idea… but you don’t actually have to jump.. just run to the wall and jump down on the tiny ledge and run around to the platform.

    I am a terrible jumper… so I did some wall climbing instead!


  3. jericow says:

    Just found this blog quite randomly, totally hooked :)
    looking at your mage is like looking at my login screen, very weird. I may bend your ear for some spec advice when I hit 80 on him ( 78 atm ).
    Btw can I link you from my blog? I’m at jericow.dingblog.com.
    Thanks for the chicken quest info too I’d forgotten all about some of the new patch stuff…and tell your druid to not be so goddamn lazy and use cat form + dash.
    Oh gz on the Naxx run :)


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