I Didn’t Train That

I think I’ll save the Ulduar run for tomorrow.

Today, we shall talk about a phrase that strikes fear and loathing into the hearts of your PuG-mates.

I didn’t train that.

Friday night, AwesomeBMHunter ropes me into a SM-Armory PuG on my priest.

We have a level 36 pally who shall now be know as PallyX. Also had a warrior tank and another DPS paladin.

First thing, AwesomeBMHunter has to ask PallyX why he doesn’t have a weapon equipped.

“working on weapon skills, lol”

OMG, what did you get me into here?

Buffs and pull and he equipped a weapon somewhere in there.

Um, the priest has Blessing of Might. I would love to trade that in for a Blessing of Wisdom.

*chirp* *chirp*


X-Perl tells me that the second pally gave me Kings, so that’s all good and PallyX gave me Might.

PallyX, can I please get wisdom instead of might?

*chirp* *chirp* *pulls are happening* *chirp* *chirp*

The hunter pipes in to ask that he gives the priest wisdom.

“Oh, I didn’t train that.”



At your level you should have 3 ranks in it.

Unfortunately, he’s the party lead so we can’t boot him and ship his ass back to a city to fucking learn his skills.

So we commence giving the guy a hard time. And by “we” I mean I’m in vent egging the hunter on. Ooo, oo! Tell him next time he buys an account off eBay he should get one with level 80s on it!

His response to our mockery? (I had to screenshot this conversation for posterity.)

jus let ppl play the way they want u damn wowhead get a life

If you’re not going to support the party why bother going into an instance?

jesus its one stupid spell and ur fine y do u care

Because I don’t like running with lazy idiots.

Guess who just went from the bottom of the heal priority list to somewhere completely OFF the list?

I mean, heals are just spells too and I don’t want to play by healing him. And my mana will be even better if I’m healing one less person.

I don’t heal stupid.

To me, stupid includes being an ass and wasting people’s time. I don’t expect that at this level everyone be bringing potions and food buffs and has all their gear decked out with spiffy enchants (although I do), but I do expect that they visit the trainer every 2 levels and pick up their gawddamn skills.

So I didn’t heal him or bubble him for the rest of the run.

Get to Herod, I throw bubbles on everyone but him. I think I even got one on the hunter’s cat. He’s not smart enough to get out of the whirlwind and I’m sitting at my desk chuckling with glee as he scoots himself over to the corner and heals himself.

And the cherry on top of the fail sundae? AwesomeBMHunter did more damage than the 2 pallies combined.

Moral of the story: Don’t be an ass, get your skills trained up before you enter an instance.

Corollary to the moral: If you’re going to be an ass, don’t be surprised if your asshattery makes it onto the internet.

12 comments on “I Didn’t Train That

  1. Why would he train wisdom? He isn’t going to use it. :D Selfish casters and their me me me attitude.

    I hope my sarcasm has been properly portrayed here.


  2. Millea on Bloodhoof says:

    That was hilarious!!! I once ran in a group with a pally who hadn’t trained the rez spell.

    We were all dead except for her, and we asked her to rez us.

    “I can’t, I didn’t get the spell”

    “Why not!?!”

    “I didn’t want to run back to the Exodar”


    She was level 40 something too


  3. Dark/Soth says:

    That’s funny. Even though we play on a transfer server there are still noobs who don’t remember to train their spells.

    You should of linked the screenshot conversation. For the lulz, of course.


  4. jong says:

    I like when you tell pug stories.


  5. Troutwort says:


    Not that it mattered at the time, but I was in BFD at like level 30 in my first group ever, back when druids couldn’t rez other than brez and it had a long cooldown. So we get near the end, and we wipe. The druids ask “did the hunter (me) fiegn death?” Um…”no, I didn’t think it would be useful when I read the discription!” I was a noob, I didn’t know any better. I ran back to my corpse. :P But I didn’t think that spell sounded worth it given the description. Little did I know it would save me from many deaths and aggro later on. I’m guilty of an “I didn’t train that” moment. :D

    I know the pally rez spell is actually a quest, so I can “kinda” but only “kinda” see that, but only if you didn’t get it right at 12 and waited until 15 or so. Ha ha, not 30 levels later.


  6. gnomeaggedon says:

    My Poly has been replaced by our Shaman’s frog… even when an item is marked for sheep, the shaman runs in and frogs.

    The other night in Naxx he called out for a sheep… I replied I couldn’t as I had unspec’d poly…

    Doesn’t matter anyway, out OT tank just thunderclaps everything out of poly (he used to know what a poly was and how to avoid it, but then WoLK came out…)… would have been a waste of mana.


  7. some orc says:

    i wish i didnt train any tanking skills : /


  8. Rurjaos says:

    “Low Health”
    “Lay On Hands”
    “Don’t have!”
    “Sure!!! Looks like ”
    “Don’t have!!!”
    “Open Spellbook, Holy…. Look closer!…”
    “Ok. I have… ;( ”



  9. Dark/Soth says:

    Next time someone says, “mage food” in party chat at the start of a random pick-up 5-man, I’m going to say I didn’t train it.


  10. Millea on Bloodhoof says:

    @ dark I once was yelled at for not providing mage food.

    I am a warlock >.<


  11. Millea on Bloodhoof says:

    @ arioch LOL! Some of them, sure. Not this lock though. I actually have a mage alt, and she has been sitting at 37 for probably a year, and I have only been playing this game for a year and a half.


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