I had a thought

I actually had several thoughts, all scrawled on bits of paper which the kitties are oh, so happy to “file” away for me. Important stuff goes in the litter box, right mom?

Some of the thoughts I managed to cram into my rambling spew the other day before they ended up under large pieces of furniture courtesy of kitty paws.

But now I’ve largely lost those thoughts.

Pro Tip: It stings a bit to have Path of Frost active when using the cannon at the Darkmoon Faire.

Oh, but here’s another thought that just fluttered by.

I want the Insane title on Arioch something fierce. But the lockbox portion of it scares me off.

Need a rogue.

I have a rogue rolled on the selection screen but I’ve never logged in to him.


Because I don’t know who he is.

What the hell am I talking about? I made him, I should know who he is, right?

It’s back to that whole thing where I don’t RP but I *know* my characters. I could look at a menu and tell you what each of them would order. I could pick out books for them to read. Favorite places to hang out.

My character selection screen is heavily populated with characters – developed with personalities.

It so happens that they are all brothers. (I need to update that picture, hope it wasn’t in the folder that got eaten when I got new hardware.)

Five of them.

(Six if you count Initi, but that’s stretching the absolute edges of fanfic and “head canon”, and he’s not even on this server.)

Now, with as long-lived as elves tend to be and with as little as I can recall seeing officially published regarding the fertility of said long-lived elves, I think it’s reasonable to have 6 siblings (7 if you count the sister introduced in the DK quest line), but to push it any further may be straining credibility (not to mention the womb of their mother).

So that set me to thinking. I need a rogue and I want a monk.

2 more blood elves.

If not more brothers, what then? Cousins? Children?

Whoa. Kids.

Arioch could easily have a hundred or so little bastards running around, but it just doesn’t feel right to have any of them on the character selection screen. Besides, one would think with the level of healing magic available contraception would be pretty easy to obtain. “Head canon” says that the children of Azeroth are largely planned. So if Arioch has any children, I’m not aware of it.

Selwyn… Selwyn could easily have been a family man. Except he was a little too devoted to his craft and spiraled into depression after the supposed death of his twin brother.

Jhaelen? Um… I don’t know that Jhaelen would even know how to start. The whole “romantic relationship” thing seems to be beyond him. Fanatical devotion to the Light and a HUGE heaping side of naive. And a tad awkward. He’s the guy that would rush to pull a chair out for a lady to sit in and manage to knock over the chair, the table, the lady, and any nearby innocent people. And then be dreadfully embarrassed and make an even bigger mess trying to get everyone upright. Probably an accidental groping that gets him slapped. He’s that poor guy.

Haven’t heard much about Cruorem, wayward warrior sibling. Again, could have kids from various ports of call, but not seeing it.

Funny enough, I’m thinking the best bet for children actually would be from Kaayn prior to his death. Which leads to all sorts of fun as he has virtually no memories of his pre-death knight life. But Selwyn would have known about the kids… and I would need to come up with their mother…

Maybe they should just be cousins. What do you think?



5 comments on “I had a thought

  1. Telanarra says:

    You could “gasp” not be racist and include more then Belfs :)


  2. Oddly enough, the way you give you characters backstories is very similar to how I play. I didn’t enjoy playing my paladin much for a long time because I didn’t have time to come up with a backstory while powerleveling her. I even have some head canon that my Worgen druid is my human rogue’s eccentric Gilnean uncle.

    I think your kid idea is best. If you don’t want to come up with a mother, just say the Scourge killed her. After all, 90% of all High Elves were killed in the invasion. Pretty much every family is guaranteed to have lost someone.

    Actually, that’s part of why I like playing Blood Elves so much. They all come with a ready-made angsty backstory.


  3. Leit says:

    Adoption. Not all family is blood.

    Think about the personality of a rogue. Quiet, self-sufficient, self-contained, self-defined. External to everything. There’ve been enough crises in the past few decades of lore to justify a family taking in one not their own.


  4. I do this too, but I have different races & different storylines. I have a Tauren Druid who’s friends with my blood elves, and two goblin sisters (both have the last name of Fae). The four blood elves have different relationships. Two are sisters, one is a cousin of the sisters, and the fourth is a childhood friend and comrade in arms of my main pally. Since I play with my husband, we create some of these back stories together, because his toons are all intermingled with mine. I know how you feel–I will get a strong desire to make more toons I don’t need & don’t have time to play, simply because a name & backstory have popped into my brain. LOL I have toons scattered on different servers, collecting dust, wishing to go out on an adventure, but can’t because of my alliegence to my mains & their “daily” needs.


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