What’s love got to do with it?

The Love is in the Air event is almost over, and I find myself in an odd spot with it.

Arioch completed the event last year, the only thing he had to worry about this year was the new boss in SFK. He even got the pet, the Toxic Wasteling. Cute little bugger, it’s a green slime that leaps onto and consumes critters. And it does it very often, not like standing around waiting for Lil’ KT to frostbolt something.

There’s a mount drop with a 1-2% chance… and normally I am all about getting the mounts… and I do want that mount… but there doesn’t seem to be the giddy rush of wanting to go in every day to try for it like there was with the Brewfest mounts.

Arioch makes charm bracelets with the charms he gets and ships them off to my priest. He also bought candies to ship to the priest so he wouldn’t have to spend any tokens on them.

My priest… holy spec.

Thank god they changed it so that anyone in the group has a chance at getting the charm when a kill is made.

Of course, it would go a lot faster if we were actually working on our alts… I’ve been grinding rhinos and shoveltusk on my poor priest to get charms and usable meat for my dailies and buff food.

At the same time, I’m working on the achievements with my Ally DK. Here’s a comparison of the achievements:

My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose

  • Priest: We did group up together and get a couple randoms done. One happened to be UK and I happened to win the roses. Woot!
  • DK: PuG random in Halls of Stone and got them. We almost skipped this boss, glad we didn’t.

Be Mine

  • Priest: Arioch bought candy bags and shipped candies over.
  • DK: Bought one bag of candies and then bought the 2-3 I was missing off the AH. Prices weren’t too bad.


  • Priest: ZOMG still grinding out fucking charms. Need 40 more.
  • DK: Done before I knew it. Whack, whack, dead, charm.

Dangerous Love

  • Priest: Easy. Had no idea there was a barbershop in the Cleft of Shadows.
  • DK: Easy, with the exception of what appeared to be a bug where it would not let you into the Stormwind bank. That was frustrating.

Fistful of Love

  • Priest: Not too bad, just hung out in Dal. Using “/who race class” is a great way to find the harder combos like troll rogue. seriously where were all you guys?
  • DK: Also not too bad. Troll rogues again were hard to find.

Flirt with Disaster

  • Priest: Apparently my priest has quite the alcohol tolerance. Grabbed 4 moderately strong drinks and headed out to UC. Chug, chug, chug, chug, fuck I’m not smashed. There is no place to buy alcohol in UC. It’s a dry city. Bastards. Couldn’t find anything in Org either. Ended up back in Dal, buying a stack of Mulgore Firewater. That got me fucked up good.
  • DK: Just went to the inn in IF and picked up a stack of something. Discovered that they aren’t kidding when they say perfume, cologne does not cut it.

I Pitied the Fool

  • Priest: Screw it. Picking it up next year when I can actually get into Naxx.
  • DK: Same.


  • Priest: Took a bit, but I found a basket and ninja-ed my achievement.
  • DK: No one had a basket, for days. Finally just got my own damn basket. Set up camp in front of the south bank and waited.

Lovely Luck is on Your Side

  • Priest: Last one I can get with tokens, so just buying a new dress every 20 tokens.
  • DK: Same. My bank alt has lots of pretty dresses.

The Rocket’s Pink Glare

  • Priest: Easiest one in the bunch. Purchase. Assign to hot key. Spam.
  • DK: Same.

Sweet Tooth

  • Priest: Again with the purchasing by Arioch and swapping over.
  • DK: Lucked out on my first box and got all 4.

Nation of Adoration

  • Priest: OK, so I run into Thrall’s throne room to turn in my bracelet and it’s a sea of red names. I have name plates for enemy totems turned on and there had to have been at least 5 shaman in that room. It was a shit ton of totems. I can’t see Thrall on his throne, the battle is raging in the center. I pop onto the throne platform and duck behind one of the tusk-pillars. Finally, Thrall’s name surfaces and I latch on to it. LoS heals FTW! My little 72 priest helped keep Thrall up and no one noticed me. For the Horde! Then I run into UC to turn in the bracelet to Sylvanas and that was apparently where the For the Alliance raid had gone first. Bugger. Had to wait a while for that one.
  • DK: Nothing interesting to note. Other than the impulse to spit on Varian gets stronger each time I see him. Varian’s card that he gives you is for Intellect. That’s just wrong. Strength? Sure. Stamina? Fine. Agility? Why not. Intellect? No. Chicky in Darnassus or the Prophet in the Exodar should give Int. Varian’s a dumb warrior. His line about being of two minds is funny though, I’ll give him credit for that.


  • Priest: Waited until I had all the ones required for the meta that used tokens (except the Pity one) and got the little guy.
  • DK: Same.


  • Priest: Almost as easy as the Rockets.
  • DK: Same

Tough Love

  • Priest: Can’t get in to see the new boss yet. Requires level 78 to start.
  • DK: I’m the right level to get in… but I have no freaking clue how to get there as an Alliance. I think I have to go to Southshore and ride all the way up. That sounds like a pain in the ass. I’ll just wait for next year when I can pull my own weight in the group.

So it’s about a tie between the two for ease of completion. My priest got a leg up with Arioch being able to purchase some of the goodies, but the DK can farm his own charms without an issue.

They removed a lot of the “grindy” feel of the holiday this year. Last year I was logging in every hour to kiss someone or deliver something. There was a lot of pressure to get it done. This year it feels much more relaxed, but by the same token, I don’t think I care as much this year.

Overall, I think I’m not “in” to this event this year. I just keep reminding myself that it’s part of getting the violet protodrake, grit my teeth, and lolsmite more rhinos.


9 comments on “What’s love got to do with it?

  1. Delerius says:

    I’ve lost my interest in holidays. Unless they’re giving me ridiculous sums of money (yay bracelets) or free xp to my alts, I’m not going to bother anymore.

    My mage had half a violet proto, from children’s week to brewfest. I gave up at Christmas. Bah humbug!


  2. Tyræl says:

    Also, I hate holiday events, unless they include things like Del mentioned. Side note: Blog is coming out of retirement. That is all.


  3. koalabear21 says:

    The Thanksgiving holiday ruined it for me. I now only do it for the cash and xp. Once that is gone I won’t be doing much else for them.

    Hell, I only got the dresses so my bank alt would have pretty clothes. I got candies and hearts just to sell. I did get the pet, but that’s because I like pets. :D


  4. Tyræl says:

    I have yet to hear this fabled “squee” you speak of.


  5. Darraxus says:

    The pink rocket has a significantly lower drop rate than the 1-2 percent advertised. As of yesterday, there were all of 17 people in North America with the Achivement. Pretty shitty.


  6. Orangeslice says:

    What about a herring?

    And holiday events be damned!! Unless the activites involve giving me money and xp…meh..dont bother with them unless they are easy and not out of the way.


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