DMF – Final Score


Or down by one?

Or success with a save?

Let me explain.

So I had meticulously planned out exactly how many tickets it would take for me to get all the DMF pets before the end of the faire.

All but the last one had some wiggle room of either a couple days or a couple quests.

But Jhaelen was in charge of getting 2. Continue reading

DMF – And the score is…

Because I know everyone is breathlessly awaiting my continuing saga of trying to get the rest of the DMF pets this month!

OK, we left off with having just acquired the mount and and a pet, leaving four pets to go.

I’m pleased to report that Arioch and Selwyn were both able to purchase a pet.

Now it’s up to Jhaelen and Kaayn to bring it home. Continue reading

A Gift of a Fish

(Clearing out my email and found this piece I had written and sent to myself back in October.)

As some of you may be aware, my mother plays WoW.

Growing up, I watched her devour Nintendo games with a feverish passion.

The entirety of the Zelda world was carefully mapped out, square by square, on a pad of grid paper. Every inch of every screen was bombed and flamed, the results meticulously noted.

Then she discovered strategy guides.

Castlevania was cleared.

Numerous princess were found to be in other castles.

Games I had never heard of and have long since been forgotten were conquered. I remember lots of side-scrolling RPGs that made little sense but the graphics (at the time) were magical.

In short, my mother was a gaming fiend. Continue reading

Apathetic to Frantic

Last two weeks have been BLAH.

And then, suddenly, the clouds parted and I woke up with renewed vigor.

Yes, I was vigorous and antsy.

The pendulum had swung from “do NONE of the things” to “do ALL of the things… NOW!”

The worst part is that I’m not sure which “ALL” of the things I should be doing.

Obviously I can’t do “ALL” of the things or I’ll risk burnout and apathy once again. Continue reading

It was a squeeful event

I came to the table late for the new Darkmoon Faire, ignoring it for MONTHS before finally dragging characters through it.

Pretty quickly, I realized it was useful for leveling some professions across the awkward humps and MOUNTS AND PETS WERE THERE, DUHHHHHHH!

Pets and mounts went account-wide and suddenly it was worth going after the tickets.

So a cycle of 4 characters developed, dragging my mage, priest, paladin, and DK through the faire each month.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t doing all that I could be doing (picked up ear quests late, didn’t pursue the dungeon drop quests, and often missed several days) so ticket collection was painfully slow. Add to that the ticket cost of the mounts being 180 and the pets being 90 and it felt like I would never get there.

This past month, Arioch got really close to the 180 mark for the first mount. So I braved the AH and dumped some gold on the dungeon items. Continue reading

I’m not dead yet!

Although I am sick as a dog again.

Went to the midnight release of Cataclysm with Tir to keep him company in line.

My beautiful Collector’s Edition was to be shipped to me sometime on the 7th.

(After threatening to not ship until the 9th, Amazon finally moved my date to the 7th.)

I think the late night in the cold did me no favors.

But I met some great people and the Horde outnumbered the Alliance by about the whole line to 3 willing to admit they played Alliance.

My other roommate also happened to order a collector’s edition from Amazon. Continue reading


That number, shit you not, was given to me by my authenticator.

What does it mean?

It means that I finally got a chance to log in and play some WoW!

Work is still kicking my ass and I’m at least a month behind on all the blogs that I read.

But, I did get a chance to sample some of the new things that came in with the Sundering. Or Shattering. Or whatever the hell it was called.

So what have I been able to squeeze in to my limited play time? Continue reading

So much /squeee

First, a lesson learned.

If you are looking for a way to substantially increase the amount of spam your blog receives, I recommend using the word “teeth” in a blog title. It’s absolutely amazing the number of dental products you will receive links to. Mind boggling number of links.

But I digress.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled /squeeeeeeeeeeeee. Continue reading

What’s love got to do with it?

The Love is in the Air event is almost over, and I find myself in an odd spot with it.

Arioch completed the event last year, the only thing he had to worry about this year was the new boss in SFK. He even got the pet, the Toxic Wasteling. Cute little bugger, it’s a green slime that leaps onto and consumes critters. And it does it very often, not like standing around waiting for Lil’ KT to frostbolt something.

There’s a mount drop with a 1-2% chance… and normally I am all about getting the mounts… and I do want that mount… but there doesn’t seem to be the giddy rush of wanting to go in every day to try for it like there was with the Brewfest mounts. Continue reading