Perseverance pays off

Or is that pestering pays off?

Apparently the guild went on a recruiting spree and ended up with more healers and more mages.

But somehow I get to switch back to raiding on my mage.

I’m sure the math was convoluted and a raider was probably divided by zero, but I’m not going to complain.

Yesterday I mentioned that I wanted to get valor capped over the weekend, but due to my hand, it didn’t look like it was going to be feasible.

Monday night’s clean up crew was from the Tuesday 10-man, which I wasn’t a part of. Looks like I have some time on my hands. (hahaha, it’s a joke – because I have my Time Lord’s  Gloves; no one ever said geek humor was always funny.)

I got my gear in order and decided to try a LFR.

Trade chat was buzzing earlier in the day that the queue was empty, and my hopes were further crushed when the Assembling Group window told me I was the only person queued with an hour-long wait.

So I puttered about and did a cooking daily (feeding the Sentinels has got to be one of the easiest cooking dailies). Wandered over to the target dummies and the queue suddenly popped.

I got in on Hagara, the 4th boss.

The piles of skeletons weren’t very reassuring and the blame game bouncing with the tally of how many people were dead before the first phase was done in the last attempt (that would have been 11) was roughly terrifying.

But if we could get it in 1 or 2 pulls, that would be 250 VP to go with my 400 from Thursday night.

Totally worth it.

So we pulled. Suffered minimal losses and downed her in one attempt.

And my tier shoulders dropped.

And apparently the rolls for LFR are remaining separate from the normal raids, because I won them. (Which is the best way to do it, IMO. Both the separation of rolls and me getting the shoulders; they’re both the best way.)

Of course, I had *just* gemmed and enchanted and reforged around switching to the tier gloves earlier (RAWR said they were worth breaking my set bonus. I think RAWR is frequently insane, but maybe it knew I was going to get my 2-piece as soon as I equipped the gloves.)

Put the new shoulders on.


I’ve said it before, I’m not fond of mage T13. So off to the Transmoggy guy to fix myself up.

T9 was my absolute favorite, but that was faction-specific. I now have an incredibly ugly Alliance version of T9 sitting in void storage, waiting for me to come to my senses and go back to the Horde side where I belong.

Until that day, I’ll just have to make do with at least matching. It may look like I am still 4-piece T12, but don’t let those pretty fiery-feathered shoulders fool you.

I also got to finish the first of the 3 new heroics. And it was fun. Leagues ahead of how not fun ZA/ZG were. I read a quick write-up on each boss over here and had a basic clue.

Yeah, I know. I’m 5/8 in the raid that comes AFTER the dungeons.

So I’m doing things a little out of order.

But if you think about it, with all the bouncing around in time that Nozdormu has you doing, maybe he would appreciate the fact that I’m a bit bassakwards on it.

(Although Murozond? Really? Anagrams with single names aren’t that clever.)

Didn’t quite get to VP cap, but am actually looking forward to next week.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and I can only hope that it isn’t a dragon breathing fire at me.


7 comments on “Perseverance pays off

  1. Leit says:

    Capping is ridiculously easy at the moment. Also, at least it wasn’t the semi-traditional Umrodzon.

    Don’t know what’s with the haters on the mage tier. How can clockpunk possibly be bad? (also, check out the npc who sells you geodes… she’s wearing t13 with a mining helmet. Took a double-take and lol’d a little.


    • repgrind says:

      You know … I’m totally with you on the mage T13. Hmmmm …. maybe my main-turned-alt mage can try LFR. I wonder how badly I’d be laughed at if I came in as frost … although they did buff fire this patch, right? 359 iLevel … guess he’d be off to the new dungeons first anyway. Oh well, maybe later …


    • Fire got a massive buff. My mage’s DPS went up about 10K virtually overnight. Part of that is new gear, but still…


  2. telanarra says:

    Yayy! your alt gets to raid again :)

    Grats on the lewts!!!!


  3. Leit says:

    *Dnozorum. >.<


  4. I adore the Raid Finder. My queues have been extremely short, even as a DPS (I think my longest one so far was about seven minutes), and virtually every group has gone smoothly. The only semi-bad one I had was yesterday — I got bored and left after several wipes on Yor’sahj.

    Everyone seems to agree the new heroics are awesome. I’m inclined to say Murozond is the most fun fight Blizzard has yet put out.

    I must agree with Leit about mage T13. I think it’s very cool. Mind you, I’ll probably still mog it, but only because I’m real fussy about Blood Elves having to wear red.


  5. […] since the faction transfer. I’m logging in to raid on my priest mostly… remember this post? Yeah, I spoke too soon. That lasted for all of 2 nights. At the time, we were raiding 3 nights a […]


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