I was NOT expecting that

Don’t expect any posts for a while.

I’m happily raiding on my mage, at least as happily as I can in a 25-man raid.

The loot gods might not be smiling at me, but they are at least smirking.

I’m in 3-piece T13, an LFR ring, and the VP cloak. And some boots!

I have my loot lists laid out and color coordinated in Excel because I like spreadsheets.


As well as WoW is going, I’m afraid something has come up.

My first inclination was that the email was a fake.

The emails are always fake.

But the email didn’t contain a gabillion links.

It didn’t threaten me with immediate account suspension for my malicious or suspicious activities.

It gave very simple instructions to log on to the battlenet and go to my account to claim my Diable 3 beta test!

So I now have a level 3 barbarian running about on her rather stocky legs with absolutely craptastic gear.

And it’s fun.

I was trying to find an old-school game from my collection that would actually play on my computer. I eventually gave up, frustrating as all fuck to have my technology exceed some of my old favorites or even games that I never got a chance to play.

Since I can’t do that, I guess I can do this.

Run around, explore, and EXPLODE some corpses.

I’m rather enjoying myself.

So if you don’t hear from me for a bit, don’t worry, I’m just beating the shit out of some undead.

5 comments on “I was NOT expecting that

  1. telanarra says:


    that’s all just a yay. I’m working under the principle of nothing nice to say say nothing at all :)


  2. telanarra says:

    Oh i do :)


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