After 6 comes 7?

OK, no, we won’t take the meme any further.

Besides, judging from the crazy dedicated efforts of Martha and Navimie, there probably aren’t many bloggers left to get tagged!

I am pleased to report that 5 of my 6 continued the chain in at least posting a picture. I won’t *Zarigar* name any *Zarigar* names about who *Zarigar* didn’t play along… but I believe *Zarigar* the troll in question has been busy with that real life thing.

Now comes the fun part of adding some of these new-found blogs to my blog roll.

Of course, this means starting from day 1 and hopefully trying to not lose my place before getting caught up. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve “lost” a blog and just never wandered back because I am completely fail. It’s not you, it’s me. Really.

I’ve got some ideas bubbling about for a series of blog posts.

These won’t be memes per se, but everyone will be welcome to join in on the fun if the fancy strikes them to do so.

Must come up with clever name for the series…


I have passed 50,000 comments!

Well, 50k spam comments… about 4,500 real comments so far.

But 50k spam still seems like it should be recognized as a milestone of some sort.

*cracks open can of Spam*

What wine does one pair with Spam?

Note to Raid Leaders:

If leading a raid against one specific boss makes you pissy, perhaps you shouldn’t lead that particular fight or you should figure out a way to handle it.

But when we wipe and someone says, “brb, I have to take care of something” it is not reason to declare (while that person is still afk) that we will not be tolerating any unannounced afks that evening and will proceed to pull and just 2-heal the encounter (that we JUST wiped twice on).

Turns out, people really do have emergencies that need to be dealt with RIGHT THEN.


8 comments on “After 6 comes 7?

  1. slice213 says:

    ouch on the drama……

    But emergencies are emergencies. people need to chill out mon!


  2. telanarra says:

    I would pair it with a light fruity wine. Like a White Zin


  3. repgrind says:

    Is ‘that real life thing’ some new code for ‘running LFR on one of his 18 alts’?


  4. zarigar says:

    there are some subtleties in your post that one could easily overlook


  5. […] is in the Air stuff. But I was on and off again without any dillydallying, even for the raid. The raid leader having issue with an emergency AFK did nothing to sweeten the foul mood I was […]


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