Raiding Excitement – Not as Anticipated

Last week was full of raiding excitement!

Just not on Arioch.

Log in Tuesday and mill about Org, waiting for an invite.

(Actually, I stood around and made cloth bolts, Arioch isn’t a scribe. OK, bad joke is bad.)

The roster looks a little thin… only a handful of people are on.

Word finally comes down that it’s postponed to Wednesday.

No problem, just level that pally up to 79.

Log on Wednesday.

Again with the waiting.

Postponed until Friday.

No problem, just crush out some dailies.

And then Tir looks at me and says they need a 10th for an alt DS run.

A heroic DS run.

I *just* got to seriously run heroics on Arioch the week before – 6/8.

Now my scrubby little DK (rolled only for social reasons with all expectations of spending most of his raiding life peering intently at dungeon floor grout) is being invited to a serious raid. He’s 378 ilevel equipped. With no enchants. A couple gems. I cannot emphasize enough how much of a scrub this worgen is.

So through the magic of cross realm raiding I’m off to flail wildly in a DS with 400+ ilevel geared alts.

Long story short, my DK is now 6/8 heroic on his second trip in to DS. The social butterfly in wolf’s clothing is as far progressed as my main. And yes, I was carried. I didn’t fail at mechanics, but my contributions to the damage meters were meager at best.

Thursday night plans got cancelled so I was looking forward to once again trying to get some dailies on Arioch, with a quick trip into Kara to be sorely disappointed. AGAIN.

Start dailies.

And then Tir looks at me and says they need a 10th for a To4W run.

A heroic To4W run.

Conclave was already down so we jump to the middle and get it on.

A couple wipes to work out some snags and remember all the mechanics and Damun now sports a spiffy new title.

And then Tir looks at me and says they are moving on to a BWD run.

A heroic BWD run.

Quick recap of the score for those of you watching at home:

  • Melee classes I’ve taken in BWD: 0/0
  • Heroic kills in BWD on any character: 0/0
  • Last time I can find proof of being in BWD: Last October

I remember DS fights. I’m doing them almost every week.

I don’t really remember FL fights, we haven’t regularly set foot in there since before my summer hiatus.

BOT and BWD? That precious memory space has long since been repurposed to images of cute kittens doing absolutely adorable things.

And since our failed attempts at heroics last year in BWD, I never finished studying all the strats for heroics – we were taking it one fight at a time. I was thoroughly lost.

I flailed as I have never flailed before.

The benefit of barely being geared well enough for heroics and being drug through old raids? Chest and trinket upgrades!

(No, you may not have it for Xmog, I actually NEED those upgrades!)

It got late, people got tired.

I’m 5/6 heroic BWD.

On my scrubby, social DK.

Arioch did get to raid on Friday, but only because the warlock was a no-show; I still don’t have my own raiding spot yet. I did get a second heroic ring, bringing my heroic gear count to 2.

Tir came in and healed on his 377 ilevel druid. The raid leader had reservations about his gear/skill, having never really raided with him before. We did 6/8 heroic again and he SMOKED the healing.

8 comments on “Raiding Excitement – Not as Anticipated

  1. Telanarra says:

    Grats on the new main does you Priest know :)


  2. Analogue says:

    So, going to be ready to raid with us in a month?


  3. slice213 says:

    Sounds like a blast! grats on the upgrades


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