Day 9 Blogging Challenge

Day 09 – Your first blog post

Um, not really sure what we’re supposed to do with this one.

My first blog post was my introduction post:

It’s the only blog post I’ve gone back and updated information on. Continue reading

Day 8 Blogging Challenge

Day 08 – 10 things we don’t know about you


I’m not sure which is harder, coming up with 10 things you don’t know about me, or coming up with ONLY 10 things you don’t know about me.

  1. I *really* wish, and I mean *really* wish, that I could draw worth a damn. Every now and again I can produce something passable as art, but not that I’ve drawn. I can SEE it in my head… PENCIL Y U NO COOPERATE?!?!?!
  2. I’m a chocolate purist. With few exceptions (Crunch and KitKat bars most notably) I do not want ANYTHING else in or near my chocolate. No nuts, no fruits, no syrups, nothing. Leave my goddamn chocolate alone. I prefer dark chocolate to milk.
  3. Very briefly, in a time when I was going to college full time and balancing 2-3 jobs at any given time, one of those jobs was child care in a skeezy bowling alley. As far as I know, all the children survived but I cannot vouch for a lack of emotional trauma. Continue reading

Day 5 Blogging Challenge

Day 05 – Favourite item(s) in game

I did tell you back when this started that they were in no particular order…

So my favorite items in game?




I’m a collector – possibly even a hoarder – in WoW so my bags and banks are full of trinkets and toys that I’ve collected over the years, not to mention all the pets and mounts that thankfully no longer take up valuable space. (C’mon, Blizz, tabard rack, gogogogo!)

Mounts and pets are probably my favorite items. Once obtained, they can be used just about anywhere without fear of lowering your DPS and they are easy to view. The Swift Spectral Tiger is one of my favorite mounts. I am also a big fan of the hippogryph models and would like to have them all in my stable.

So many of the pets are awesome it’s hard to pick my favorites, but I think my top two are probably the Windrider Cub and the Winged Guardian Cub. Both are from the Blizzard store and both are so adorable it’s almost sickening.

I love my Horde T9 mage set with my Frostscythe transmog. Continue reading

Day 7 Blogging Challenge

Day 07 – The reason behind your blog’s name

(I’ll go back to day 5, I swear.)

When I started the blog, I was really getting in to playing a mage and playing it well.

Blink was actually my favorite spell for a very long time, and I tried to come up with a title that used it, but “blink” was already taken and I couldn’t think of anything that sounded good utilizing the word.

So I was going through my spellbook and poking at WoWwiki and mulling it over. Continue reading

Day 4 Blogging Challenge

Day 04 – Your best WoW memory

An oldie but for me, a goodie.

When my tabletop D&D group was breaking up we discovered that we were all playing WoW; ranging the experience gamut from only a handful of hours played to seriously raiding Sunwell.

The idea was born to replace our Wednesday night D&D shenanigans with a WoW night where we would all meet up and run instances together and do quests and such.

This was back before you could turn XP off so it was very challenging to keep a group of people within an acceptable level range while they still wanted to level professions and collect gear the rest of the week. So we would generally set a level cap for the week, try to be between 25 and 28 by next Wednesday so we can move on to X instance.

This was also back before you were automatically given access to level-appropriate flight path destinations – you had to run to each flight master to earn that destination.

And this was back when you didn’t get your first ground mount until 40. Continue reading

Day 3 Blogging Challenge

Day 03 – Your first day playing WoW

I started playing WoW in a cold month. I remember this very distinctly because, in a way, it’s why I started playing in the first place.

The index finger on my right hand decided to mutiny one particularly frigid day. Theories abounded about the cause: it was gout, it was arthritis, it was tissue damage, it was aliens.

The cause has never been identified, but the result was the same: I couldn’t move the finger without incredible fucking pain. I’ve put a knife in my hand, busted my nose, broken an arm, all sorts of stupid things that hurt like hell but nothing really compared to this unidentifiable pain.

At the time, I was playing a Korean MMORPG called Rappelz. Movement in Rappelz was all point and click. Targeting was clicking. Interacting with anything was clicking. Combat was hotkeyed to the function keys (Alt+F4 was a real hotkey in that game). But if you weren’t standing perfectly still in battle, you were clicking. I also had an office job that required a lot of clicking and typing. Continue reading

Day 2 Blogging Challenge

Day 02 – Why you decided to start a blog


I was bored and lonely.

People either have no interest in WoW or can only stand listening for so long to you babble about the really cool thing you just got or did. (Or more accurately, listen to me bitch and moan and whine about that awful that that just happened.)

To preserve what little sanity and few friends I have, I decided it would be fun to start a blog. This is as close as I can get to talking to myself and still fall near the boundary of a socially accepted norm. Continue reading

Day 1 Blogging Challenge

Day 01 – Introduce yourself


Um… this feels sort of awkward. Some of you I know in real life, some I wish I didn’t know (hah! got a dig in on Tel!), many of you I’ve never “met” but feel like I’ve known for quite some time, some of you are lurking and know far more about me than I of you.

Glance at my About page and realize that it needs to be updated – again. I’ll get around to it. Eventually.

So I go by Rin. It’s not my real name but that doesn’t matter. I also respond just as readily to Arioch or (grudgingly) to Selwyn. Hell, I’ll respond to probably just about any character I’ve spent time on. If someone from my old Rappelz guild called me Strife I would probably still answer. Just don’t call me late to dinner. Especially if it’s steak…

I live in northern California with my boyfriend, Tir (nope, not his real name either), and our two amazingly adorable kitties. I’ll spare you the gushing over our precious widdle puddy tats… sorry. Continue reading